Monday, 5 December 2011 maybe I lied

Sorry about not posting more drawings/paintings! I have been really busy with my exams and everything (that's my excuse anyway) and to top it all off I'm ill. Yup, the winter bug strikes me down. And let me tell you, that is just as sucktastick as it sounds. But of course, I will try to get some more paintings up in the near future. If you want to post any suggestions, please feel free to do so, while I take yet another strepsil. How many are you supposed to take? One every four hours or something...and in that case I think I may have overdosed!

Over and out

Miss B xxxx

Friday, 2 December 2011

What To Wear and When!

Hello everyone! Well recently I got invited to a christening, and I had a really hard time picking what to wear! I thought a christening would be easy to dress for, a skirt and a top maybe? Maybe even just trousers and a top? But no. Apparently my skirt wasn't suitable for a church and jeans were too 'dressed down' , so I had to go dress shopping - not that I'm complaining.

So the point of this post is I'm going to give a few suggestions on what you could wear to special occasions, and since it's the festive season, you might get a chance to buy some of my suggestions..

  • Christening,
Well in my opinion for this event, is not to get too dressed up and dress simply, just remember there will be a minister, oh, and you're in a church..

  • School Disco
For this, I would wear something like the first dress below, something that's not too short, or low, and still looks nice. Remember you're at school, not a celebrity party! 

The dress here, is quite expensive being £45.00 and from an online shopping site, so if  a. you have no money/job like me or b. you just think that's too much too pay for a dress for a school disco, then I have put up a cheap alternative, which is just £ 7.99.

  • A Christmas Party
For this event, really, you can wear whatever you like, no rules! You dont have to worry about ministers, or your strict teachers!

The day we all look forward too! For presents, or good food! Now, there are various ways to spend this day so I will include a few alternatives! But if you decide to go out, make sure to wrap up warm! The first one is for staying in and relaxing with your family,

Whatever your occasion is, I hope this helps you find the perfect dress!

Bobbie x

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Beardyman! And Damien Walters

I can't say I have been a fan of Beardyman for very long, or that I follow him religiously (that would be a bit creepy) but I can say I think he's pretty cool.

 The first ever time my family saw him was on TV, he was preforming at the proms, my brothers have been obsessed and so it is on their behalf that I am posting this video...

Also I thought I might post another video of one of their heroes, Damien Walters, who is an parkour expert, and I think, a bit of a gymnast? Anyway, it's cool stuff, have a look!

Miss B xxxx

A Post Of Three Points

Seeing as my paintings seem to be quite popular, I will have more for you later on in the week and will probably post something on Saturday. It's not a set date, but I will try to get stuff ready for then, and I hope you readers will like it.

Also, I've just been listening to the radio and I now realise how controversial yesterday's strike was. I wonder if putting up a post about it was a mistake, but I'm not going to take it down, as there have been no comments that make me want to do so. And of course, listening to the radio, I realise that there is a two-sided argument going on about the strike and it seems like it's the private sector against the public sector. Now I'm not going to pretend I know much about politics and I am not going to ridicule people's opinions, but I believe striking was pretty much the only option people had, and I am glad my dad brought my brothers and I along, because it wasn't just about him or his colleagues, it was about the younger generation too. And I don’t want to have to be working until I'm sixty something, and I actually want a pension I can live on, which is why the strike was held in the first place.

And another point in this many pointed post, my exams are almost finished! I only have five more to go! And you know what? I actually am looking forwards to getting back into a normal school routine because I haven't really been seeing much of my friends. So, two more days and I don’t have to worry about exams ever again...well, not at least until after the Christmas holidays.

Miss B xxxx

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Marching pictures


Today in the good old United Kingdom there was a strike, meaning I was off school for yet another day. Though instead of sitting around and doing nothing, my dad decided to take my brothers and I on a protest march. Yeah. It was all right though, and I actually enjoyed myself as a walked along the main road into Dundee waving my EIS flag. And sorry to disappoint, but it didn't turn violent at any point. In fact the whole protest was really organised, and set off promptly at 10.30 and were escorted the whole way by the police. As well as being organised, the turn out for the march was brilliant, and by the time we got to the town square there was barely any room to stand. All in all it was an enjoyable, if not slightly embarrassing experience, and it was all for an important cause. The pictures I took are on the next post :)

Miss B xxxx

I Paint

Last night is the reason I am posting today, because last night I couldn't sleep for hours...that, though is not the point. The point is what I did with those hours, and what I did was paint. Yep, and draw, that's what I did for...I don't know how long, but I think I managed to produce something semi decent which is why I'm blogging about it. The painting isn't brilliant and the pictures don't do much for it, but I'm pleased. Well here it is:

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

I Bake A Cake...Well, Sort Of

Don't you just hate it when you get those sudden, random urges to bake a cake? No? Maybe nobody else suffers from Random Cake Baking Syndrome (I made that up, just in case you were wondering) but I certainly do. Why is it when I see the cookery book sitting forlornly on a shelf I just have to pick it up and leaf through it? Of course the answer is RCBS!

So I decided to bake this chocolate and vanilla marble loaf, using one of the recipes from my mum's Mary Berry Simple Cakes book, and here I am an hour later with a cake that is moving! Yes that's right, the cake is MOVING! Probably because it's not cooked properly, but oh, how cruel baking is! I put the cake in for just the right amount of time that it was supposed to be cooked for, and yet it's wobbling around the place like it's decided it wants to be a jelly rather than a cake. Jeeeeesh! Why do these things always happen to me? So I'm going to put the cake back in the oven for...uh, lets say another 20 minutes, and I am going to sit tight with my fingers crossed...

Hey, I think that actually worked! The cake is no longer jiggling around the place, it's staying nice and firm the way a cake should, it looks quite nice actually, well, edible at least.

And the taste verdict is: really good!

Miss B xxxx

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Blog Appearance

Hey readers! What do you think of the blog's new appearance? Too pink? I must admit I had to sit for a while staring at the computer screen trying to decide whether it was a bit over done, but... I think it looks happy at least, and it feels a lot more personalised. Oh yes, if anybody has any thoughts concerning the blog's new look, just post them, and I will be happy to take them into consideration.

Miss B xxxx

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Purple Potatoes!

Yes people, I have eaten purple potatoes. Ian Fairlie purple potatoes if I'm not mistaken... hmmm.

Was it weird? Yes it was! You look at the things on your plate and your brain is going 'Woah! Hang on there just a minute, these can't be potatoes! They're purple!' and another part of you is going 'Well these smell like potatoes, they taste like potatoes...they must be potatoes'

So pretty much as I ate them there was a little conflict going on inside me as to whether I was actually eating roast potatoes or not. A truly weird experience. My verdict though is that they actually taste better than normal potatoes, once you get round the obvious difference in colour. They have a more...nutty kind of flavour and, well, they look pretty damn cool.

What my family thought... everyone liked them except one of my brothers, the food wise unadventurous one. But that's only because I told him eating purple potatoes was like eating play dough. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut.

Miss B xxxx

Sunday, 30 October 2011


Howdie readers! I am back from a long week of not posting (mainly because I'm being a wee geek and revising for my prelims) and man I'm pooped! But anyway, warnings to you all that I may not be posting as often due to the fact I want good grades. Can you blame me really? Seriously though, good grades are the foundations for the rest of your life, so study hard!

Miss B xxxx

Sunday, 23 October 2011


  You probably know the feeling, you might be in the kitchen, the garden, sleeping, at school, and suddenly you notice this persistent, annoying itchy feeling. You start scratching without even realizing you're doing it and then you look down at your arm/neck/hand, where ever you a prone to getting it and you just think 'oh no, not again!' 

I like many people around the world suffer from the skin condition, eczema. The word eczema is an umbrella term for many different skin conditions, mostly associated with dry, flaky, inflamed skin. Lovely. I have always had eczema, but it has never really been that severe, until about a year ago. I had a serious outbreak of eczema, which was unusual because it hasn't been that bad since I was practically a baby. It was horrible, I had a kind of ring of it around my neck, which one lovely person commented on saying it looked like I'd tried to hang myself. It wasn't just on my neck though, it was on my face, behind my ears, on my arms and hands. I have never felt so self-conscious. I received extremely helpful treatment, a heavy-duty moisturizer and an array of steroid creams. Within about a month and a bit it had all cleared up. Thank bejeebus. 

Steroid creams and moisturisation does help get rid of the eczema, but it is always going to be a part of my life, I'm just lucky I don't normally have a serious form. But because of this, and because of the fact it's getting on winter, which means my eczema is getting a little worse, I thought I would post some ideas on what may cause eczema flair up.

Well, first off, diet can be one of the key factors, things such as citrus fruits can set eczema off, i.e. oranges, lemons, tomatoes, and of course things like chocolate and sweets are bound to do it. Sometimes eczema can start up because you're allergic to certain food types, like dairy or perhaps gluten in bread. Mine was set up because of my minor allergy to almonds, which I have since grown out of. So try cutting things from your diet, I went on this crazy diet thing where I cut out gluten, lactose and attempted to eat less citrus fruits which is hard when you love oranges. Mmmm. Because of that I realised that gluten and lactose didn't affect me in anyway, though too many oranges was doing my skin in bit by bit. 

The next thing to look at is your environment. Believe it or not, dust, dust mites, dry weather, and pollen can all set off eczema as well as asthma. So its best to hover, dust and change your bed sheets more regularly, and perhaps consider investing in a humidifier. The use of heaters also has an effect as it dries out the air within the house, which is why a lot of cases come up in winter when heaters are being put on more regularly. There isn't really much you can do about the pollen part as pollen can be blown all over the place, even if it isn't wind dispersed. My advice is to make sure you have no plants in your garden which you know can upset your skin, and make sure when someone wants to buy you flowers, they know which kind to get! 

You can also set off your skin through contact with certain things, most commonly metals used in cheap jewellery, so watch out for things in high street fashion shops. Health issues can sometimes cause eczema. Really there are a whole set of things that can set your skin off, so it's best to inquire at your GP at getting your eczema diagnosed. I went for patch testing, because I insisted that they didn't need to take any blood (I hate needles!)  The tests concluded Dahlias and a few other things irritate my skin, but there wasn’t really anything concluding which is often the way with conditions like eczema. By that time my eczema had calmed down anyway. 

I hope this information will be useful to anyone who may read it. I just want to say that mostly diagnoses of specific causes can be sketchy with patch testing as I think that mainly diagnoses contact reaction. If you want more conclusive results and are somewhat braver than I am, get your blood tested. 

Thanks for reading! 
Miss B xxxx 

Pesky Dahlias!

Mmmm oranges :)


Friday, 21 October 2011

Paranormal Activity 3

Recently I went to see Paranormal Activity three, the latest in the Paranormal Activity series, so I will do a quick review!

Well basically, its got a lot of the same scares and its filmed in the same way as before. If you've not seen Paranormal activity before then you should know they film it with a video camera to make it seem more realstic.

But this time there is an unexpected twist! But I wont spoil the surprise! Also this is the prequel to the second film...which is the prequel to the first. So if you've never seen them before, watch them backwards and they will make sense!

It includes a lot of tension and unexpected scares! So only for fans of scary movies! I would say its a lot scarier than the first two, and it has a lot more of a plot.

All together I would give this movie a four out of five!

Bobbie xxx

Saturday, 15 October 2011

I Have A Facebook Stalker

Don't you hate it when you go onto your facebook and check your notices and... whats this? A message from who?

Yes I have a stalker on facebook apparantly... or someone who has randomly messaged me who I don't even know. Eeeps!

MissB xxxx

Friday, 14 October 2011

H.J Lim

Last night I went to my first ever piano concert at the Perth concert hall. (For those of you who aren't into classical music, do yourselves a favor and stop reading.)

The lady playing was H.J Lim (Hyung-Jung), a young pianist from Korea, the concert was her UK debut, and it was amazing! I actually cannot believe the speed her hands moved at, they were just a blur as she played, and she just gave off this amazing energy that made you want to get up and start jumping around to the music. Maybe I just feel this kind of a connection because I play piano myself, but I'm sure that it's not just me, Lim has this essence that just captivates an audience. I would definitely come to another of her concerts, and hopefully not have to sit next to and old man who constantly makes weird slurping noises.

Here is a list of what Lim played...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
Piano Sonata in C K330 
Allegro moderato 
Andante canatabile 

Fryderyk Chopin 
Four Ballades 
No 1 in G minor 
No 2 in F major 
No 3 in A flat major 
No 4 in F minor 

Sergey Rachmaninov 
Piano Sonata No 2 in B flat minor (revised 1931) 
Allegro agitato - Meno mosso 
Non allegro - Lento - Piu mosso 
Allegro molto - Poco meno mosso - Presto 

Claude Debussy 
Poissons d'or 
L'isle joyeuse 

Maurice Ravel 
La valse 

In my opinion, Lim could go far, and I really hope she does because she deserves to, and I think she has the talent for it. I did find it a bit of a shame that more people didn't turn up, there were about fifty folk in the audience (including myself) and most of them were older, so I think she could do with building up a younger generation fan base here in Scotland, as well as a bigger all round fan base, though I suppose that is a hard thing to do when you're not a well known artist.

I thought it might also be a good idea to put in some information about Lim, which was provided my the program I received at the concert...

  • H.J Lim began her musical studies at the age of three, and at 12 she moved from Korea to France 
  • She studied with Marc Hoppeler and became the youngest person to gain the Diplome d'Etudes Musicales Completes at the age of 15 
  • Her international career began in November 2009 when a video of one of her recitals was uploaded to YouTube 
  • All this makes me feel incredibly underachieved 

And if you want to know a little more about Lim, just click the link: H.J Lim biography blog 

Miss B xxxx

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark Film Review

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! This film is so good it's unbelievable. Okay, so it has an exceptionally gory beginning, but that only lasts about two minutes. The rest of the film really grips you! It's about a young girl called Sally who is sent to live with her dad and his girlfriend Kim. Sally and Kim get off to a rocky start, but the relationship smooths out as the film goes along, and also as the plot thickens. Basically, below the house is a secret basement and in it is a kind of fireplace or coal cellar thing which leads into another world, and Sally unwittingly opens up the gateway, releasing these gremlin like fairy creatures which have a particular taste for children's teeth. Yum. These creatures start out by trying to trick Sally into being friends with them and lure her down into the other world, but she doesn't fall for it and the fairies become more and more violent towards her. The film ends with a sudden unexpected twist, which is quite...skillful I suppose.

All in all I really enjoyed this film, and I have decided to do a kind of film rating thing, so I'm giving Don't be afraid of the dark a seven out of ten.

Miss B xxxx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Notice To Readers

Oh yeah, and before I forget...
Expect a new review post some time soon on Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark because I am going to see it today. It should be interesting...

Miss B xxxx

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark Trailer

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Both my brothers are in to rugby, a sport that is ever so slightly more violent than football....okay, a lot more violent than football and in my opinion a lot more interesting to watch. A quick sob for the fact Scotland has never won the rugby world cup, ah well, there's always next year. Anyhow, back to what I was posting about, my aunt happens to be an avid photographer and she took some pretty cool shots of the twins playing rugby...though they look a bit strange because of their gum shields. Oh and for those of you who want it, here's the link to the Official RWC 2011 Site...
 RWC 2011 Site

Miss B xxxx

Walking With The Family

I thought today I would post at the ridiculous hour of 7.11am (I couldn't sleep) about the joys of going walkies with your family. My family has always been into walking and I don't mean walking down to Tesco and back, no, no, I mean like serious hill walking and trail hiking and whatever else it can be called! Yup, and for the past few days we have really being going crazy about walks in Newtyle.

So far we have completed two walks, one up this giant hill to see a folly. That was some crazy shizzle people, let me tell you, I stood in a bog and it tried to eat me! Then I had to walk the rest of the way with one of my shoes filled with mud. And don't get me started on the sheep poo. The other walk we have completed is called the railway circuit (I think) and it is basically a flat walk, meaning no giant hills. The whole walk as the name suggests tries to follow the old railway line, and it really is quite a nice walk. The scenery is beautiful and on the day we went, the weather was perfect, which is an essential component to a walk. Speaking of which, here are a few photos...

Miss B xxxx

The hill we had to walk up...

Monday, 3 October 2011

Who Does That?

Well, the first thing you should know is that this is Bobbie (hey!)

The second thing you should know is that you should never. Ever. Under any circumstances. Phone Miss B. Dont say I didnt warn you!

Today I phoned her, to discuss this blog actually, and I was greeted by an extremely convincing french accent.  At first I wasnt fooled, but then, when I innocently repeated
and her response, again in a very convincing accent was,
I bought the act. Yes indeed, I am very guillable. So I did the only thing I could think of, and hung up. When I recieved a phone call five minutes later, it was Miss B. She was laughing. A lot.

So, in conclusion, just dont phone her.

Bobbie xxx

Saturday, 1 October 2011



Another random post brought to you in a fit of utter joy, this time to tell you that the blog has received its first ever comment! And hopefully we will be receiving a few more in the near future

This is a milestone people! :) 

Miss B xxxx

I Finally Get New School Shoes!

Hi readers! Just thought I would randomly post in a fit of utter joy that I HAVE A NEW PAIR OF SHOES!!!

Ah yes, you are probably thinking I am overly materialistic and uncaring about other things. Let me tell you this, when you have been waiting since the beginning of term to get a decent pair of shoes you are over joyed when you receive them. This is mainly due to the fact the other pair of shoes I was bought got wet and started to smell weird and no amount of shoe spray or perfume made them smell any better. Sad face!

But now of course I am thrilled to bits with my new shoes! And my random post about shoes is complete and you don't have to read another word of randomness after the full stop. The next full stop.

Miss B xxxx

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Nose Bleed Attack

Following on from Bobbie's post, I thought I would talk about the massive nosebleed she recently had, (it follows on from the post because she had it just after dancing.)

When Bobbie has a nosebleed, she has a nosebleed. By this I mean, its not just a pathetic little trickle of blood, oh no, its the Niagara Falls of nosebleeds! So by the time she got back to her house, her hands were covered in blood. Lovely. But I have to say, the first time I was with her when she had a nosebleed was the worst because    we had to run into the Co-op and ask for tissues. Or, I did at any rate. And everybody just stood there looking at us, like yeah whatever, she could be dying for all we care.

So for all you nose bleed sufferers out there, I thought I would post some interesting information about nosebleeds... 

  • There are two types of nosebleed, anterior and posterior 
  • Anterior nosebleeds can be caused by colds or the flu, blowing your nose too hard, hay fever, a dry nose, sinusitis, injury to the nose, and good old fashion nose picking 
  • Posterior nosebleeds can be caused by nasal surgery, high blood pressure, nasal tumours, some kinds of medicines like aspirins  
So how do you stop a nosebleed when it starts? Here are a few suggestions 

  • Pinch your nose shut just above the nostrils 
  • Don't lie down... I'm not sure why you would anyway because then the blood starts going down the back of your throat! Cheery stuff! 
  • Put ice on the bridge of your nose, or frozen peas - the family preference 
  • Whatever you do, don't blow your nose!  
Miss B xxxx

Monday, 26 September 2011


Heyy again.

As everyone has probably guessed from the title ^ this post is about dancing. I myself am a massive fan of dancing, I dance pretty much all the time and would like to go to dance college in two years time when I have completed school.

There are all sorts of dance, for everyone out there including;

Hip - Hop

and ssso much more!

Recently the intrest in dancing has risen and dance groups and classes have popped up all over the country and... well... the world!

Also various shows like 'So You Think You Can Dance?', 'Got to Dance' and the American version 'Live to Dance,' have given talented dancers oppurtunities to be noticed so far they have produced great performances such as: (the music isnt quite in sync in this video but in the actual TV show they were in perfect time, sorry I cant find a better video! This is from 'Got to Dance') (this performance is from the American version of 'So You Think You Can Dance')

Have a look on youtube and you will find so many more inspirational performances!

Ciao, Bobbie xxx

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Looking At Other Blogs I Realise...

This blog really has a lot more work to be put into it. Compared to some longer established blogs, this blog is quite mediocre and...well I want to improve it, but I'm not sure how. Yes readers, this blogger doesn't know how to meddle with her blog background, or a lot of things, because to be honest I am not one of those 24 hour blogger types and I am not exactly a computer genius. Not saying I'm a technophobe though, I mean what teenager now a days from the western world doesn't know how to work a computer? 

What I think I'm trying to say folks is that this blog is down for big changes, I want to make it more visually punchy, more interesting and if any of you readers have any tips I would be happy to hear them! Thing is though, don't wait up for any changes to the blogs appearance because it's going to take some time for me to deliberate these things. But hey, it's a new challenge to take up and I love challenges (mainly because I am too competitive for my own good!)

So over and out for now, expect changes, but not too soon!
Wish me luck!

Miss B xxxx

Saturday, 24 September 2011

My itunes Crashed!!!

Well, it didn't really, the hard drive of the computer housing my itunes did. And I lost every single song I had purchased online...or so I thought.

Yes, losing your itunes library seems like a huge deal but it actually isn't. Provided you can remember your itunes ID password (a problem for most people in my family) you can still save your songs! All you have to do is plug your ipod into another computer, preferably one with itunes already installed, and then you can transfer all your purchases .

Simple. Yet I still had a massive heart attack over the whole thing, though it wasn't just about my itunes, but about the stories I had written and saved on that computer and not backed up! I am currently in the process of re-writing these, painful yes, but I live in the hope that I can improve them while I write. So I guess the main lesson in this is to always back up your computer files.

Something I will definitely be doing in future...or rather now!

Miss B xxxx

Friday, 23 September 2011


Hello again,

Well today I'm going to have a small ramble about Italy!! I recently went on holiday there, well I say recently but in all honest truth I went in May, which is fairly recent I guess, depending on when you consider recent... anyway, back to the point.

Italy was amazing, I went on a school trip and in total it took us roughly about 36 - 38 hours to travel there by coach, I cant exactly remember how long to be honest. Im not entirely the most observant person. But the bus journey was fun anyways, as you can imagine the idea of thirty, fifteen year old friends in a bus together for almost two days, with nothing to do, but amuse ourselves, was...intresting to say the least.

On our way there we had to take the ferry, and oh dear, is the only words I have to describe my traumatic experience. Well we got on and I was terrified consdering it was my first time on a boat and the only thing running through my head was the Titanic, not the best thing to be watching the night before a boat trip. But to make matters worse the sea was having what can only be described as a temper tantrum. You couldnt walk in a straight line without the boat tipping resulting in the passengers staggering halfway across the ship. But I lived to tell the tale! In the morning we arrived in Switzerland (after having the most uncomfortable sleep of my life all the way through France,) you know you're in Switzerland when you look out of the window and all you see is trees, hills and um...trees.

Well eventuallyyyyy we arrived in Italy and wow. WOW. I want to live there! We arrived at our hotel, not the nicest but its a school trip, what can you expect? Oh and did I mention it was on the beach? Blue skies, white sands, life was looking good. But guess what? It gets better! The next day we visited a catering school, and the boys can only be described in one word... HOT. Never in my life before have I seen boys like that, to add to their looks they were the most charming people I have ever met, oh and did I mention kissing is a custom in their culture (wink, wink.)

The cherry on the cake though was visting Venice and Disneyland Paris, (I guess that would be two cherries on a cake then...) each was fantastic in their own different ways Venice was aboslutely beautiful, the buildings were amazing and the weather was just fanstastic, I saw so many new things that day! One of them being a nun, I've never seen a nun before! Also I have never seen so many pigeons in one place, or so many with just one foot! But it was the busiest place I have ever been to and I realised I do not posess any haggling skills...
Disneyland Paris was just as amazing, I felt like a little girl again when I saw the big pink castle, unfortunatly we only got the one day there, but we got to see some things! The rides I would most recommed are The Space Shuttle, The Hollywood Tower of Terror and also The Rock and Roller Coaster, these rides are not for the faint hearted though, let me assure you. They're quiet intense, but as a fan of rollercoasters I loved them!

I <3 Italy!

Ciao for now!

Bobbie xxx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

When I Was Joe

 Last night I finished reading a book by Keren David called When I Was Joe, and to my surprise I found it extremely gripping, I honestly couldn't put it down, and ended up falling asleep at about two in the morning on a school night. 

My first impression of the book: I have to admit judged the cover. From the outset the book didn't really do much to grab my attention, but when I turned it over to read the blurb I was intrigued. 

But enough about me, more about Joe, or should I say Tyler. The London boy is forced away from his home above a news agents along with his mother as part of a witness protection program after he witnesses a drug related stabbing. Tyler then becomes Joe, a boy who has an 'instant crew' a boy who can have any girl he wants, a boy who isn't Tyler. Through out the book, Tyler discovers new things about the people around him, and discovers dark secrets; all the while people are searching for him, the people who want to silence him permanently. It is a book that draws you into Tyler's life, a book full of unexpected twists. 

My overall opinion: One of the best books I've read! Can't wait to read the sequel Almost True 

Miss B xxxx

Saturday, 17 September 2011

My first post!

Hello everyone!

This is my first post EVER! I know Miss B mentioned me, once, forever ago, and I'm sorry I depreived you from my vast amazing knowledge for so long ( < lies. I'm a good liar.) its been said before and it will be said again: I'm lazy. (Now thats not a lie!) I will be posting everything and anything I feel the need for, so be ready for some craziness!
Get ready to hear from me again soon,
Bobbie xxx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

My New Addiction

Miniclip is renowned as one of the best free online gaming sites as far as I'm aware. It attracts users from all across the globe every single minute of every single day. I myself have to admit I am one of those users, I haven't been for a while but...when I did go on briefly, a couple of days ago I discovered a cute little game for children (as it was specifically tagged) called Mimelet. Yes, I am addicted to playing a child's game, but come on, who wouldn't want to?! This game is seriously addictive, I'm not going to lie.

Mimelet is basically a little computer animated creature with the ability to steal its enemies powers buy jumping on them and, well, killing them. The enemies powers are those of the elements, kind of, leaf, thunder, stone, fire, water, and air. You compete each level by reaching a flag pole, and that is basically the point of the whole game.

And I am addicted to it! Mimelet

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Today I created a CV...I haven't printed it off yet, but am mildly impressed with my own language skills. I really know how to suck up to an employer and make myself sound mildly attractive! Haha! I'm bound to find a job soon now!

Writing the CV was easy to say the least, all you have to do is provide your name, number, address, email address, references and a few other things. Once you've done that, you're pretty much set.

...All I need now is to find a job...easier said than done.

Radio Times

Ah what strange things you hear when you listen to radio Scotland in the evenings. Along with some weird songs being played and praised by the presenter there are also a number of Scotland's own bands aired. As I was eating my evening snack one of these band names was announced. They were called the winning sperm team. Yes that's right, imaginative isn't it? I think there was also another band called the royal wee.

The question posed by all of this is, what the heck was going through their heads when they were naming their bands?

Got anything weirder? Email it to us at

Friday, 2 September 2011

Things To Do In And Around Dikili

  • Visit the Tuesday market
  • Visit the summer market, on every night of the summer
  • Try the peaches, you won't regret it
  • Go to the beach, they aren't exactly clean, but the water is nice when it's a hot day
  • Drive through the mountains
  • Try ayran
  • Visit Ayvalikk
  • Go on a boat trip, you get ones that take you around to swim in different places, definately reckomended
  • Go to a spa, have a mud bath
  • Visit Candarli 
  • Visit Bergaman/Pergama/Pergamon 
  • Visit Asos
  • Have a barbecue! One of the highlights of my stay was definitely the barbecue that our family hosted 
  • Try talking to the locals, you might find out something interesting...providing you can understand what they're saying and vice versa 
  • Play Okay, a Turkish board game which is very popular in the cafe gardens 
And the rest is for you to make up, do what ever floats your metaphorical boat!  

Thursday, 1 September 2011


In my spare time, I like to do sports with my friends. The stuff every normal teenage boy does, football, rugby, sometimes even hockey... and then there's Parkour.

I have been into Parkour for about a month, and now I'm able to do all sorts of cool moves, like wall running, which involves running at the wall, full speed, before kicking up and grabbing a ledge. Other things I can do include, being able to control impact shock when I jump off high objects, vaults, flips and so far that's it. But I'm working on my skills and improving every day. 

Here's a little info on Parkour... 
  • It's basically the discipline of being able to move from A to B by any means, like rolling, jumping, flipping, you name it. 
  • It originates from France 
  • Parkour and Free running are different things! 
  • The main elements of Parkour are efficiency and speed 
  • Anyone can do it, you just have to know where to start  
My friends doing Parkour 

They are soon to have a new and better video out 

Being Ill

Here I am stuck at home typing this up. My head is pounding, I can't breathe through my nose anymore and I have missed two whole days of school. Yay! No school! You might think, but really I would have much preferred to be sitting in maths right now. In fact, while I've been off, I've missed the school photos and a drumming work shop, which according to my friends was pretty awesome. (Also according to my friends, the drummer was short and fat with muscly gorilla arms, but that's beside the point)

I am a generally active person, so for me, being stuck indoors all day is like being sentenced to life imprisonment... well, not quite, but you get the picture. Now, while I'm languishing in my bed, dying from some horrible disease, I'm quite certain of that, what does my mother do? She asks me to get up and buy her a newspaper. And not just any newspaper. No, no, she wants me to get up off my butt to go to the Co-op to buy her the guardian?!

Hey big fan of the paper, just not a fan at all of getting out of bed!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My Life On Deck

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me... Well, not exactly, but a week's holiday on my aunt and uncle's boat is probably about as close as I'm going to get in my lifetime. Now, I can practically feel the cogs turning in your brain: 'Ooooh, get her, with her family boat all la-di-dah,' but before we go any further, let me make clear that my family is about as posh as a daytime TV drama, but hopefully with less annoying cliches; 'What? My sister is actually my mother? OMG!' But anyway, back to the point.

Our 'floating adventure' started in a small marina near Oban, in Scotland. (See, if we were really posh we'd have been in the south of France somewhere) We set off full of energy, ready to take on whatever the sea threw at us, and although it was fairly easy at the start as we went further the wind got more powerful, which missed with the current a bit.At times the boat seemed to tilt so far that I was sure my brother and his girlfriend were going to fall overboard, which may have led to her not accompanying us on holiday again. My aunt and uncle assured me that we were in no danger, and they were probably right, as we never actually went into the open sea, but as I was the one steering the boat I'm sure my sense of panic was not entirely undeserved. Luckily, that was pretty much the worst of the weather, as far as wind goes, we did get a bit rained on later, but as we were in Scotland, it wasn't really a surprise.

As we got used to the constant rocking of the boat, a pattern began to emerge; we would wake up, possibly sail on further or just stay anchored where we were, go out for the obligatory 'holiday activities', come back, and relax, often with a game of cards. Our daytime activities varied from going on a walk up one of the many hills and meeting an old retired hand-doctor, who generated his own electricity with a home-made wind turbine (I kid you not) and was very generous with his wine (of which I had none) and vintage editions of the New Yorker (which are now sitting in my bedroom), to watching puffins flying by on a particularly sunny day on an uninhabited island, to collected mussels and cooking them for lunch (we later discovered that my brother has an allergy to seafood, he proceeded to spend much of the next 24 hours on deck). I evenwent fishing on the last day, and caught two mackerel! It may not seem much, but it was the best fish I'd ever eaten. We also laid anchor at a few fishing villages, including Tobermory, the town which inspired the children's TV show 'Ballamory'. Although they both shared a penchant for brightly coloured buildings, one thing Tobermory had which I'm sure Ballamory does not is a pub near the harbour which sells the biggest burgers I'd had in my life.

I may be a sunshine girl at heart, but I would happily give up another week of summer for another sailing trip around wet, chilly Scotland. I guess L'Oreal says it the best: It's worth it.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Final Destination 5

This film has the same basic plot as the rest of them, someone has a vision of an accident, they get the chance to save themselves and their friends. Then they all die one by one.
Really this film is just grim. 

I went to watch Final Destination last Saturday and I seriously wish I had seen something else. The deaths are very graphic, so if you see it in 3D I guarantee you will be splattered with animated blood at some point.
One girl is killed during a freak laser eye surgery accident, while another has his head crushed by a Buddah statue, but not before he has fallen onto his acupuncture.

If I'm honest only people into horror films full of blood and guts will enjoy this. You can't watch it for its plot line, as it is the same as all the rest, but if you're watching it for the spectacular death scenes, you my friend are in for a treat.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


  • The ancient ruins of the Acropolis of Pergamon lie above the modern day city of Bergama, Turkey. Originally built by the Greeks, Pergamon was a small settlement, before the Romans took it as a flourishing city.
  • As I recall it was twenty TL to get in to the sight, and an additional sum of money if you wanted to use the cable cart to take you there. Driving and parking was much cheaper, I advise that any of you thinking of visiting do so, if you’re on a budget. The views from the top most parking lot are spectacular, but watch you don’t drive your car straight off the edge!
  • Coming into the square where you have to pay to get in, there are a lot of stalls selling various things and a cafĂ© selling drinks at a rather extortionate price. My advice is to bring your own water and snacks. The ruins are quite exposed so it’s a good idea to bring a hat and wear sun cream, even if you don’t normally burn. It is generally quite hot up there, though sometimes it can be very windy. These windy days are probably the best days to visit at since the winds normally cool the surrounding area.
  • Some of the ruins are very well kept, like the arched tunnel that runs through the ruins, once used as a cistern I believe. There are still standing pillars, in parts such as the remains of a temple to Zeus, which makes you aware that it is a spectacular feat of engineering considering the lack of electrical equipment they had in those days.
  • The theatre, which is one of the main attractions, is one of the steepest theatres in the world, able to seat ten thousand people. Considering it was constructed in the third century B.C, the steps are remarkably intact.
This site is definitely worth a visit for those who are into ancient history, architecture, or even if you’re just sight seeing.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My Opinion On Thomas Cook Flights To Ismir

Maybe it's unfair to be so judgemental when you've only flown with an airline once, so I appologise before hand if I offend anyone.

My flight out to Ismir, Turkey, was in a Boeing owned by the company Thomas Cook, possibly because of my lack of sleep, due to the fact I had gone through a four hour car journey to Newcastle before hand, I was not exactly in a good mood.

During the flight to Ismir, the airline company had no faults, apart from the very dodgy landing and the uncomfortable seats. Even the flight food was pretty good. No, hardly anything was the company's fault; rather it was the fault of the annoying child sitting behind me continuously kicking the back of my seat. I also discovered before I had actually boarded the plane that they had misspelt my name and put me down as a Mr, not that it particularly annoyed me, I actually found that incident quite funny. The way back how ever was a different kettle of fish.

The flight was delayed by roughly an hour and a half, which I overheard one of the more regular customers of Thomas Cook seemed to happen regularly. They also managed to confuse our food orders which had been perfect the last time, instead of having regular meals and a nut free one we ended up having to eat vegetarian meals. There were no nut free meals, which would be quite a major inconvenience for someone who was seriously allergic to nuts. The cabin crew were very appologetic about the whole thing so it was hard to be angry. Appart from the food mix up I did actually quite enjoy the flight

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


First things first, as you readers may all be aware, the Miss B's have both been on holiday over the summer. I travelled to Turkey by plane to visit my family who live in Dikili, near Ismir, a bustling seaside town surrounded by mountains and farms. Here are a few things you should expect to see when you get there, I hope you find this interesting...
What to expect when you first arrive in Turkey if you're in the Ismir/Dikili area
  • Terrible driving on all roads: Crates flying off trucks, dangerous overtakes, swerving lorries, need I say any more? 
  • General temperatures between 27c (in the mornings) to 38c (by mid afternoon): A bit hot when you first get there, but after a while you get used to it.
  • Loads of mopeds: There wasn't a single day that went by when I didn't see at least ten mopeds, Turkey is moped crazy! 
  • Horse and carts being driven along the motorway: Weird as it sounds it actually happens quite a lot.   
  • Lack of tarmacked road: If you're hiring a car make sure it's one with good suspension because there are a lot of un tarmac ked roads, in fact a few of the main roads are un tarmac ked.  
  • Random herds of cows amongst built up housing areas (in Dikili): I could see them from my window, strange it may be but the whole thing works in a crazy way, farmers just graze their livestock on any piece of disused land they can find. 
  • Stray animals i.e cats and dogs: The place is crawling with strays, and believe you me, it really gets to you when you see stray puppies and stick thin cats, but most of the time they get on ok because the local restraunts feed them. If not intentionally, but somebody always drops a bit of food. 
  • Litter everywhere: The Turks really don't seem to be into their environment, they just throw rubbish out of their car windows and keep driving. 
  • People out to rip you off...if they twig you're a tourist: It happened to us so many times when we didn't have a Turkish relative with us, my Aunt ended up paying the equivalent of forty pounds for a bowl of chicken soup. 
  • Beautiful scenery: It's absolutely mind blowing especially in the mountains, my advice is take a drive up there, you're bound to see something interesting.
  • Amazing architecture: The town of Ayvulikk has some pretty amazing examples, though sadly some buildings are a bit run down. 
  • An amazing aray of insects: I am not kidding, it really is amazing, obviously not for those afraid of bugs though...anyhow, I saw many a beautiful butterfly, jewled beatles and even a hummingbird moth! 
  • A tan: It's wonderful, normally I just freckle, but I actually managed to get a tan!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Back Again

Hi, we're back from holiday and will soon be posting some new articles for you to read and enjoy so keep an eye out folks! If any of you readers would like to send in articles about your own holidays please email us at and leave your comments, it would really be appreciated thanks.

Miss B xxxx

Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Tranquil Place

I know for a fact that most people will travel far and wide to find that perfect, ideal and tranquil spot of undeniable natural beauty. I also know that it isn't always necessary to go to such lengths to find 'the spot' and in doing so you may miss something right on your doorstep.

Being an inhabitant of a small, fairly average country town, I don't really find it hard to get to these places, though that doesn't mean it's hard for somebody who lives in a city like London for example, because there are lots of hidden gems about the place, you just have to find them. As I said before, I don't really find it hard to get to these spots but there are very few which really grab my attention. One such place that does grab me I visited just yesterday with my family and friends, and it was pretty perfect due to the good weather.

'The spot' is a little jetty (recently done up) that juts out slightly into a wide lake, owned I believe by the local fishing club. And let me tell you, it was gorgeous. The sun was casting light on the water which was unbelievably clear, gem blue dragonflies were darting in and out of the reed beds, the occasional fish leaped out of the water now and again, and swifts dive bombed for insects.

Places like these aren't just good for looking at, they can be great places to inspire you in areas like art or writing, or maybe to you they are just quiet get aways when you need time to think. Either way readers, I think its time you guys and gals, start checking out your local area to find your perfect chilaxing spot, because trust me when I say it is worth it.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Notice To Readers

Hi, from the 29th of this month there will be no posts for a while as both Miss B's are on holiday, but after that we will resume regular blogging and you readers can look forward to many posts about our holiday destinations and what we did. I hope you enjoy reading them as they will most likely be chock-a-block full of interesting things. Thank you for following our blog so far! We really appreciate it.

Miss B xxxx

Summer Treats

The ice lolly. The epitome of a hot summers' day, bought cheaply from the local corner store. Thing is, when you purchase these chilled confections, you don't really know what's being put in them. Well with this simple recipe, sourced from DK Children's Cookbook, say adios to those icky additives and say hello to tasty treats that you cant trust!

300g of strawberries                                  
300ml orange juice                                    
3 large kiwi fruits                                        
3tbsp of icing sugar                                    

sharp knife
chopping board
food processor                                                               
wooden spoon (to help with straining the fruit puree)
2 mixing bowls 
6 lollipop moulds
6 lollipop sticks


  1. Make sure you have washed the strawberries thoroughly before hulling and quartering them. When this is done put them into a food processor. 
  2. Carefully slice the skins off the kiwi fruits and roughly chop them up. 
  3. In the food processor, blend the strawberries with 1tbsp of icing sugar. Sieve the strawberry puree into a bowl and throw out the seeds. 
  4. Wash the food processor and sieve before blending the kiwi fruit with 2tbsp of icing sugar. Sieve the kiwi puree into a bowl and throw out the seeds. 
  5. Add the first layer of puree into the lollipop moulds and freeze for one hour. Add the next layer and push the stick gently into the first layer. Freeze for an hour and add the last layer. 
  6. Don't fill the moulds to the top because the mixture will expand as it freezes. Next, freeze the lollipops for another 1-2 hours before eating. 

Charity Garage Sale

There we were, outside our garage, my brother, big sister and two friends. My brother and I had just set up the garage sale and made a very desperate sign saying 'Garage Sale, we need to reach a goal of one hundred pounds' It caused a lot of attention as people drove by and read it, but when they noticed our stall, they simply smiled and drove on. It was really annoying because none of them actually took the time to stop and buy anything. Cursing them in my head, 'smiling can't save dying people in Africa!'
A few hours later one or two people had stopped and bought a few things, although it took almost five hours to get a big crowd gathering round our stall, it was worth it because in one day we had raised over seventy pounds. The next day my brother and I re-opened the stall and exactly the same thing happened. By the end of the day we were thoroughly sunburned but grinning from ear to ear, we had raised over one hundred and twenty pounds. Counting the money everyone was thinking the same thing, that it was enough for us all to buy and few nice gizmos, but we didn't...Instead we gave the money to charity and I believe that was the right thing to do because it makes you feel good about yourself and you know you are going to change people's lives with money that could have needlessly been spent on ourselves.

Written by Anon.
Edited by Miss B

Face Masks And Exfoliation

These recipes were sourced from The Girl's Book How To Be The Best At Everything...

Face mask: ingrediants
                   1 quarter of an avocado
                   2 tablespoons of honey (the runny kind)
                   1 egg yolk

  • Mash the avocado and mix with the honey and egg yolk in a small bowl
  • Next, spread the mixture over your face, avoiding the eye area, and leave for about 15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water

Exfoliation: ingrediants
                    A few spoonfuls of plain yoghurt
                    A drizzle of honey
                    A teaspoon of granulated sugar


  • Mix together the ingrediants in a small bowl before massaging into your face, especially over problem areas where there may spots or blackheads, this exfoliates your skin to leave it with a healthy glow. Rinse off with warm water.

Marshmallow Roasting

A camping tradition passed down through the generations, for years now humans have been roasting the gooey, sticky, sugary goodness known as marshmallows over open flames. But tonight we did the unthinkable, we roasted marshmallows in the middle of suburbia.

Blasphemy, you're thinking! Marshmallows in your back garden! An atrocity! And of course, you may be correct, perhaps such delicious treats should only be available as part of the cold,wet and occasionally just plain uncomfortable experience of camping, but sitting here, browning my marshmallow to perfection: slightly crusty on the outside and wonerfully soft on the inside, I honestly can't find it in me to care...

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Weird But True

This is one I found in the Ripley's Believe It Or Not book... this one's for you Ripley!

The Road Kill Calendar. Yes you read that right, its not just the computer screen ruining your eyesight. I did in fact type The Road Kill Calendar and yes it is real. Founded by a legendary and mysterious man known only as Kevin Beresford, the calendar started off life as a simple creation for 2010 that soon became a huge hit. Beresford sold hundreds of copies of his freaky calendar which featured many a squashed fox and brained squirrel, complete with witty captions for the gruesome pictures.

To me, its not really the fact that this guy goes out snapping pics of dead animals to compile into a calendar that I find ever so slightly disturbing, its the fact that so many people went out and bought the thing. I mean, what does this say about the world?!

P.S Not quite sure why the sheep is blanked, but hey what can you do?

This Week's Epic Fail

As a treat for you readers, and since this is this blog's first ever Epic Fail post, I'm giving you two epic fails! Its like a bargain boutique buy, two for the price of one! 

  1. Cutting your leg, a bmx trick stunt known as a bunny hop and falling off your bike. Two days ago my brother managed all three after attempting to impress his friends with a bike trick. He preformed the whole thing reasonably well until, somehow, on landing his foot slipped off the pedal. Because his bike lacked the essential chain and chain guard (due to some tinkering in the garage a few months ago) he managed to puncture a bullet shaped hole in his leg. Nice. As a result he was promptly taken to A&E, head filled with the horror of stitches and tetanus shots. He returned with a few butterfly stitches, a plaster and a well done sticker. 
  2. Just today my other brother committed our second epic fail. Now answer me this, how many people go to a public swimming pool in a year? A fair few I would say, so it can't be particularly hard right? You go, you swim, you leave. Simples, as the saying goes. Or not, if, as my brother did, you somehow manage to lose the key to your locker, somewhere in the deep end of the plunge pool, and then find some poor employee to try and open it for you with numerous 'spare keys' aka previous epic fails, for 5 minutes before finally admitting defeat and finding a janitor to prise the locker door from it's hinges using a very impressive looking hammer. Something tells me that we won't be welcomed back at that pool anytime soon... 

Going Solo: Trains

Trains. At first glance a simple mode of transport, ferrying people to and fro between home, work and... well, anywhere else that takes their fancy. But now picture this: one girl, one train journey and nine hours with which to fill the time. Now that my friends, is a whole different kettle of fish.

When I was first faced with the prospect of travelling from a small train station in the south eastern corner of England to a slightly larger train station in the Scottish midlands via London, I was over the moon! Imagine the adventure, the excitement! I would by myself, with no adults hounding me over train times and packed lunches, in London! However London was only an hour-long pit-stop in my journey, during which I had enough time to acquaint myself with the train station, buy some magazines (the queues in Londonian WHSmiths are maHOOsive), cross the road to buy a milkshake from McDonalds  (traffic in London is just as bad as it's made out to be, which doesn't make for quick and easy road crossing), return to the station and board my train.

Once I had boarded, I was informed that actually it wasn't a service with seat reservation, after I had (politely) asked a woman to move so I could get to my allocated seat, 7A. I was then stuck sitting next to a woman approximately 30 years older than me who I'm fairly sure didn't want me there, the evil looks being something of a hint. But hey, 'que sera sera' right? Now, I spent the majority of my journey mindlessly listening to my iPod and eating my packed lunch (because sometimes parents do have a point when they tell you that food in London is ridiculously expensive, we are in a recession you know) but if you would like some ideas on more productive/interesting activities to do on a train then look no further:

Things I Should Have Done On My Nine Hour Train Journey

  1. Knitted  A Scarf - If I had started it then, it might even have been finished by the time winter comes around.
  2. Written A Short Story - I could've had it published and be hailed as the next F. Scott Fitzgerald *sigh*
  3. Created A Blog - Well, better late than never...
  4. Learnt How To Whistle - The woman next to me already hated me, so what would I have had to lose?
  5. Schoolwork - Urgh, maybe I should rename this as something I could have done but wouldn't have in a million years.

How To Host An Awesome Sleepover

  • Try having a themed night, you could have a really silly theme like Marvel superheroes or a simple theme like chocolate. Get your guests to bring in a few items to do with the theme, like maybe a themed duvet cover or an outfit.

  • Make sure you know if people are actually going to turn up. The worst thing that can happen at a sleepover is if the guests do a no show!

  • Think of something you can use to entertain your guests, for example a few boardgames or DVD's. My personal favourite is Quelf Antics (Google it), a ridiculously silly party game which is brilliant for making your mates look like fools.

  • Be a good host! Don't put all your attention on to one person! As the hippies would slur 'share the love man!' Its also a good idea to make sure your guests have somewhere comfy to sleep and know exactly where the bathroom is.

  • Pamper your guests. Try giving them a homemade facial (there will be a recipe for that on the blog soon) or a makeover and make sure you have plenty of food for your mates, including stuff for snacks and midnight feast.

  • Last but not least have fun!

Monday, 25 July 2011

The First Post In The History Of The Blog

Hi, as you may have noticed from the title this is the first post ever made on this blog! We are making history people! And you, by reading this are witnessing something truly amazing!

But enough on the intro, we are posting this first ever post in the history of the blog to let you know the blog is still under construction and we will soon have a more appropriate first post, which won't simply be an introduction to the fact we are making a first post, but may actually contain something that you will find usefull and/or interesting...