Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Promised Book Review

As promised, I return with a book review! Two in fact! Just a couple of books my dad picked up for me at the library...both books are by Sarah Singleton, a novelist who seems to have won the Booktrust Teenage Prize (I know this because I am currently reading the front cover of one of the books). The book I first started reading was Sacrifice. It's about a mysterious relic from the time of the crusades which has given decedents of the knights who found it special powers, but also a curse. This curse has grown stronger down each generation resulting in insanity and illness while the gift of special powers grows weaker. The relic is a pure white lily said to have been given to the knights by an angel.

I say I started this book first because I did, but I didn't finish it first. It's one of those books that takes a long time to get going; the type that I find I don't want to read all in one night. So I began reading the other book which was Heretic which follows the story of Elizabeth and a green girl she finds in the forest, Isabelle. The novel is centred around persecution, of Catholics and of those accused of witchcraft. And it involves faeries - something that always grabs my attention. However, the books are both similar when it comes to setting, as they are both set in the past, although in different time periods. They also share a strong link with religion and magic, two themes which I think Sarah Singleton rather likes...

Anyway, I found Heretic a lot more interesting than Sacrifice as the story moved along at a faster pace (and it was just a tad more interesting), although both books share equally complex plots, and both are the kind that you can't read all in one go. It's not because they're long, it's just they are that kind of book - to me anyway. I can't think of how else to describe what I mean...maybe I'm just a bit fruit loops when it comes to books. Ok, back to the point. I would recommend reading both books and I am awarding Heretic 7 out of 10, and Sacrifice gets 6 out of 10.


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Heads Up

Oh yeah, and since I sorted the blog, with the help of appears that Nadia has posted every single thing on this blog. That is not true. She has put up some lovely posts but the majority of the older posts are mine. This sounds very whiney but it is very true! Just a heads up to you who've just started reading the blog...enjoy!


Hey to all you readers out there. We have finally figured out a way to sort the blog! It now means that I have invited myself to post on yet another blog partly run by me...which is ever so slightly odd and I realise that all this could have been made easier if I just created a profile and ran blogs under that name, but sadly, no. My teacher recently asked me if I was a musician. I said, 'yes, I suppose, I play the piano'. He replied, 'I thought so, you musical types have no common sense', which pretty much sums me up in one I'm afraid!

Ignore the old post about changing sites please. In fact, don't even look at it. The thought alone is just too embarrassing. We are most definitely sticking with our old site! Ahhh, well, after this fiasco we can all get down to blogging (at some point) and will hopefully have a few good reviews out to you. They will most likely be book reviews seeing as we are all stuck in our houses revising for prelims and what not. Yep, when revising a person's social life takes a dive into the dumps, that's for sure. When you look at it though, would you rather get good education and sacrifice a few outings, or get rubbish results but meet up with your friends every day? To me the answer to that is a no brainer, and it's not the second scenario! So, books it is I'm afraid!

Seeing as we are most likely to get snowed in our houses tonight the reviews might be appearing sooner than planned...speaking of which, does anyone else feel like they are living in an ice cube at the minute? No? Consider yourself extremely lucky because my house is properly Baltic (which means freezing for those of you who don't know). I think it was minus two outside today, maybe less. I think at one point last night it was minus ten, but that information came from my brothers, so isn't particularly reliable. The snow we've had at the minute is great for skiing and snowboarding, but rubbish for snowmen and snowballs. You can't throw a powder snow ball. It is IMPOSSIBLE.

So that's the low-down on the happenings of life for one of us, expect more in the near future!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sims 3

So this Christmas I was gifted with the joy that be the Sims 3 Pets and Seasons. I seriously think I am turning into a nerd gamer. I'm thinking I should just put up a YouTube video of my sad life on the Sims 3, with all my crazy cats and what not, or not. Perhaps they're too dysfunctional.

Anyhow I really, really like the two expansion packs and yeah... I'm just trying to blog about something quickly to make up for not doing it for so long, I will do a better blog soon :)

For now all you need that Pets includes pets and Seasons includes Weather. (In-case your wondering that is indeed sarcasm.)

Nadia :) x 

We are IDIOTS.

Hello. No we haven't been abducted by aliens. Yes we haven't posted in maybe like 79024 years? But we are back, after finding the password for this blog. The 'new' and perhaps cursed new blog is void. We 'misplaced' (lost) the password for both the blogs and have happened upon this one. Alas I am here typing at the moment. So soon you will be witnessing more acts of our literacy genius...hopefully.

Now to just put the new password in a safe place...

Oh btw, Happy New Year!

Nadia :)