Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Divergent Book Review

I have to say I found this book quite good! :) It's one of the best books I've read in a while, although, comparing it to another story set in the future, the plot doesn't quite live up to the hype. This book is about the future world where people are divided into factions and plots to rule the government pop up here and there. The main character is very believable and I found myself immediately drawn to her views on things etc.

I would give this book a...6/7 out of ten. Yeah that's cheating, but I can't make up my mind!

Again, if you want the book, here's a link to Waterstones! :) Divergent Waterstones

Oh...and also, the third book I'll be reviewing is The Hunger Games, but I'll save that for later!

Miss B xxxx

Woman In Black Book Review

This book was shorter than I expected it to be, it was also less scary and gruesome than I thought it would be as the movie makes it look like it could be quite a thriller. The fact is, the story is a lot tamer than the plot for the movie, probably because it's a fairly old book.

Anyhow, I found I quite enjoyed the story but I think that I prefer the film as it's more exciting than the novel. Sorry book readers out there!!! I'd say it was about a five out of ten and again sorry I have betrayed all book readers for a movie!!! :P

I think this is the right book...?

If you want to buy the book, here's a link to Waterstones! :) Woman In Black Waterstones

Miss B xxxx

What I Did In Maths

I have some bad and good news for you readers...the bad news is that I didn't get a ticket to go and see the Dalai Lama, the good news, the person who did is my friend so I'm roping him in to film it for me hehe. That'll be around summer time so, watch this space!

Also, for your pleasure, I thought I would post what I did in maths today! Don't worry; it's not trigonometry or anything! I spent most of maths day dreaming and doodling since my normal maths teacher wasn't there and the sub wasn't paying the slightest bit of attention :)
Oh, and keeping on the art theme, by Saturday I should have another painting completed so I'll post a picture of that on the blog for you guys.

Can't Be Caged! Doodle

And before I forget, there's three book reviews coming up!

Miss B xxxx

Thursday, 23 February 2012


 This is definately a bit of an out of date post because pancake day was two days ago, but I like food and sometimes can't help but express my love for it to the world! These are just a few pictures of the pancakes me and my family made, and let me tell you, they didn't last five minutes!

Miss B xxxx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Celebrity Baby Names

I think now would be a good time to start classifying 'fame' as an actual illness. Now I'm sure this may not apply to everyone, but I'm quite certain I'm not the only who's noticed that when celebrities have children, the whole world seems to simultaneously take a very deep breath, like this *GASP*. Of course, at first we're all just like 'OMG they're having a babeeee that's sooo ADORABLE!!' but then there's that niggling thought at the back of your brain... the name. Fact is, celebrities have a tendency to choose quite unusual names for their children. And by unusual I mean the kind that, if a normal child had them, they would most likely get beaten up in the playground. And so, to celebrate the most recent addition to this group, Beyonce and Jay-Z's first little one Ivy Blue (who got off quite easy considering) I present, the top 10 wackiest celebrity baby names:

#1 Sage Moonblood Son of Sylvester Stallone -  if it wasn't bad enough by itself, the recent vampire-mania (blame Twilight) is definitely going to bite (geddit? :P) this kid in the ass. I bet he'll be dreading Hallowe'en for years to come

#2 Petal Blossom Rainbow Daughter of Jamie Oliver - considering her parents probably weren't alive during the 1960s, there really is no excuse. I just hope she becomes a punk when she's older

#3 Ireland Daughter of Alec Baldwin -  Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of all things from the Emerald Isle, but this is just taking it too far

#4 Phinnaeus Walter Son of Julia Walters - Not sure why, but this seems to remind me of Harry Potter. Hmmmm, oh well. At least he can shorten his to the relatively common 'Finn'

#5 Zuma Nesta Rock Son of Gwen Stefani - fairly sure Zuma is a brand of orange juice. Nuff said.

#6 Harper Seven Daughter of Posh and Becks - a) this sounds like a ship from Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica and b) why the seven? she's only their fourth(?) child!

#7 Apple Daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow - when asked why she chose to name her daughter after a piece of fruit, even she seemed at a bit of a loss

#8 Princess Tiaamii Daughter of Katie Price and Peter Andre - So many things wrong I won't even start. But on the plus side, apparently Katie's been talking about giving Princess botox, so her name will probably be the least of her worries :D

#9 Jermajesty Son of Jermaine Jackson - Naming kids after royalty, obviously a sign of the humbled individual...

#10 Dweezil Son of Frank Zappa - Other Zappa baby names include Ahmet Emuukha Rodan, Diva Muffin and Moon Unit, but I ran out of space! 

And the moral of the story is, sometimes people do crazy things, without good reason. Hopefully most people will just stick to buying an overly expensive pair of shoes, as opposed to something which will affect someone for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES!!

xoxo Miss B

p.s. Here's a cute pic of a random baby, to balance out the crazy

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Nuvole Bianche

I thought it was about time I posted something more on classical music, so here is probably one of my favourite piano pieces of all time. It's called Nuvole Bianche by the composer Ludovico Einaudi, and featured as the sound track to the film This Is Britain. I first heard this piece at my gran's house, she just put on this CD of classical music and I was sat at the piano listening to various operatic songs and musical scores when this came on. The minute I heard the first opening chords I fell absolutely head over heels with the piece. It's so dramatic and full of feeling; it actually gave me shivers! So as you can guess, I got obsessed and decided I wanted to learn it for myself. I ordered Una Mattina, the piano music book that the piece is in, and that was that.

Una Mattina

"If someone asked me about this album, I would say it is a collection of songs linked together by a story. But, unlike my other albums, it doesn't belong to a time in the past. It speaks about me now, my life, the things around me. My piano which I have nicknamed 'Tangore', my children Jessica and Leo, the orange kilim carpet that brightens up the living room, the clouds sailing slowly across the sky, the sunlight coming through the window, the music I listen to, the books I read and those I don't read, my memories, my friends and the people I love."

Ludovico Einaudi

Miss B xxxx

Sketchbook Paintings

I finally found my sketchbook! So, as promised, here are some more paintings. There are only three that I want to post because I didn’t think the rest were quite as good, but I hope you like these ones anyway. As you may have begun to sense, there is a plant theme going on with my recent artwork. It's nothing to do with what I prefer to paint; it's mainly to do with what's at hand when I get the urge to fulfil my artistic needs.

The painting I like the most here is definitely Cooking Apple, mainly because it was (surprisingly) quite fun to paint and a challenge as the cooking apple I painted was all lumpy and bumpy and not exactly apple shaped! I think it's also the painting that turned out the best, and I love the colours that I was able to paint with to create the end piece. Berries was definitely the hardest to paint, as you can probably doesn’t quite match up to the standard of the other two, but I suppose if I had done individual berries they may have turned out better. Pink Foxglove was an interesting one, and had to be edited a lot from the original photo as I couldn’t quite fit in the same number of flowers as the actual plant had. Considering all that, I also used a different technique from the other two, instead of painting it all in one I waited until sections dried first before moving onto other things. The insides of the flowers were the last to be painted.

Miss B xxxx
 Pink Foxglove in water colour
Cooking Apple in water colour

Berries in water colour

Monday, 20 February 2012

Coming Soon!

Hey, I just thought I would give you readers a heads up on what will be appearing on the blog in the near future. I am planning to put up more of my artwork (when I find my sketchbook of course), two book reviews as I have recently ordered The Woman In Black and another book called Divergent...I think. Anyhow those books should be arriving in a day or two and then I can start reading and reviewing. I also thought I might post a few tips on how to revise for exams and such, as I myself am about to undergo the dreaded exams, so yeah, I just thought it would be an on point thing to do. Ahhh yes, I almost forgot, I will be trying to post more reviews on up and coming artists, as my post on H.J Lim has proved popular. So watch this spot! 

Miss B xxxx

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Three New Paintings

 I know on my last post I said that I would have more arty things for you; it's been a long time coming, but here's three new paintings I have recently completed. You're probably wondering why there isn't any more and the truth is...well I lost my sketchbook! I know! Well, sorry about the wait, but I hope you enjoy these new paintings, which I guess aren't anything spectacular. Who cares though, I had fun painting them and trying out new techniques with Field Flowers and Birds, and with A Stormy Day At The Beach I had a go with acrylics which didn't quite go to plan... The painting I think I'm happiest with is A Stormy Day At The Beach because I managed to save it from near disaster, who knew acrylics could be so evil??? I would definitely use them again though as they do produce some interesting results!

Miss B xxxx

Field Flowers (abstract) in water colour
Birds in water colour
A Stormy Day At The Beach in acrylics