Sunday, 24 June 2012

Travel Journals

Since the Scottish summer holidays are coming up in two and a half days, and I am so excited I think I might burst, I have decided to post about something that I think will keep everyone occupied on their holiday travels. The travel journal is a thing most of us just don't get round to doing anything with. We don't see the point do we? Well, I am here to change your mind.

Travel journals are amazing. They keep you occupied, and can make the most boring holidays seem that little bit more interesting because you have something to do. They're a way to preserve memories and thoughts, and are much easier to commit to than diaries. Believe me I know. So what gives the travel journal an edge on the timeless classic the diary? For one, when you write in a travel journal you are more likely to be writing about an exciting time in your life instead of the everyday monotonous drone of work, school etc. Travel journals are things that you can leave until the next time you go on holiday, whether that might be for a month, year or a couple of years.

So, what travel journals are there in the big world wide market? Personally, I feel that Paperchase is one of the best shops for all things stationary and otherwise. I purchased my travel journal there and have just been itching to use it! But, you might not share the same view, so I'm putting up a list of places you could possibly acquire one from...
Of course you could also visit your local bookstore or copy shop and see if they have any travel journals in stock there, or you could simply buy an ordinary notebook. But, I prefer the already made journals, as they come with pockets and folders to put things in and different page layouts for graphs or writing or pictures. Anyway you look at it, buying a travel journal is a worth while investment. I hope with this post, I have changed the minds of the skeptics. If you're still not quite convinced, there's no harm in getting a travel journal and seeing for yourself!

Happy travels

Miss B xxxx

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