Sunday, 22 July 2012

Fright Night! aka The Blair Witch Project Review (and Tangled)

So, once again the two Miss Bs have met up and combined our awesomeness, and decided to celebrate with a movie marathon(ish) of Tangled and The Blair Witch Project. Not the most obvious combination but that's just how we roll.

We began with Tangled which can be described as "the cutest movie I've ever seen!". I'd already seen it so I was prepared for this onslaught of adorable animation, but that didn't detract from my enjoyment! The fact is, Tangled is worthy of being put among the classic Disney films: it's funny, surprising (I won't ruin the surprising moment for any of you who haven't seen it, but let's just say we did not expect that from a Disney film!), with great characters (the chameleon and the horse make the film. 'Nuff said) and a kickass song score. Highly recommended to all people, everywhere!


Next we moved to on the Blair Witch Project (it was dark by then - a more suitable setting) and we were fully ready to be scared out of our wits... fortunately for us this never really came to pass. Sure, the 'scary' parts were quite unnerving, but that was purely down to the combination of lack of light and an overload of screaming. The story itself took a long time to actually come to a head, due to the documentary style, and we ended up just spending a lot of the time discussing the stupidity of the three 'film-makers'. The ending was left too vague for our tastes, and it could only be considered particularly creepy if you remembered a minor detail from the beginning of the movie (which *ahem* one of us didn't). We were left slightly disappointed since we'd known from the beginning everyone was going to die, but we were hoping to find out why. The movie would be well suited to those who have a large fear of the unknown, but it just didn't hit the spot with us.

The freakiest bit was when she was crying - snot EVERYWHERE. Gross.

Now, I must apologise if any of this post seems grammatically or otherwise incorrect, but it's late and I'm basically just word-vomiting all over this. And with that pleasant imagery I take my leave of you.

xoxo Miss B

Friday, 20 July 2012

Ice Age 4 and The Amazing Spiderman

Hello readers, well I've not blogged in a while but considering one of the Miss B's is currently on holiday I'm thinking that not a lot of blogging will be done so I decided that it would be my duty to keep you guys up to date on whats going on with us.

Well currently I have just read Miss B's post on The Amazing Spiderman and I would just like to say that she has written the biggest load of dribble, that, I, personally, have ever seen in my life.

I found that The Amazing Spiderman was good! It made me forget my Hunger Games obssesion for a while at least, which if you know me, is a MAJOR accomplishment and one to be treasured. I found it to be very funny and I feel that it captured the awkwardness of teenage romance well, although some bits made me cringe, but hey, its all part of the awkwardness of teenage romance that I'm talking about, right? I also felt it gave you a deeper insight into the background of Peter (Spiderman to those who arent as obsessed *ahem* clued up.) It was packed with action scenes and if you had the brains (a.k.a I did, Miss B didnt) to stay past the end credits there was a little clip and let me tell you it left me in great suspense, so I'm thinking there may be an Even More Amazing Spiderman movie appearing on the big screen sometime next year?

But who knows, the actors could just go all diva on us like they so often do after a succesful film and refuse to get into a lycra suit such as spidermans. All in all it was a good film and if it was up to me I would give it 4 stars :)

Trailer -

I also went to see Ice Age 4, which I was dreading. My sister got to choose the movie and considering shes only 10, it was a valid choice.

But I found myself enjoying it! I thought it was funny and would appeal to all ages, dont be put off by the cartoon, 3 year old entertainment vibe the trailer gives its actually a very good movie! With brilliant actors and many familiar faces such:

Peaches - Keke Palmer (Starred in True Jackson VP)
Captain Gut - Peter Dinklage (Starred in Game of Thrones)
Ethan - Drake (You need no introduction...)
Shira - Jennifer Lopez (If you dont know who she is, then I only have one question; where have you been?)
Steffie - Nicki Minaj (Yeah! I was surprised to, shes actually a good actress and I couldnt even tell it was her, crazy huh?)

Again I would give Ice Age 4 four stars :)

Trailer -

All in all, if you have a choice to make I would say go for The Amazing Spiderman if you want more of an action, emotion, romantic movie and Ice Age 4 if you want something funny!

Bobbie x

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Amazing Spider-man

Contrary to the title the 'amazing spider-man' is really not that amazing. Harsh, I know. A big apology to you Marvel fans, it's just the opinion of a Scottish nobody. Let me lay this out for you guys, we had a choice, Ice Age 4, or The Amazing Spider-man? We chose the latter, I wish we'd gone with Ice Age.

The film isn't a complete failure in my mind, there are a lot of lines that make me laugh, it is very funny and the acting from all the cast is great. The thing that nags me is the way the humor becomes repetitive, oh, and the way that the director has managed to slip in the 'oh so cliched' funeral scene, complete lots of rain and huge black golf umbrellas. And it's too long! Compared to, say the Hunger Games, a film in a completely different genre granted, it seems a bit shoddy.

This is a film I feel has tried too hard, which is a shame because it had the potential to be very good. I would give it a rating of two out of five, the jokes and funny lines during the opening scenes saved it from a one. Frankly, I wouldn't go to see it again, but, here's a heads up, the new Batman looks good. Now that I've said that, it's probably jinxed. 

Miss B xxxx

Infinite Jest (DCA)

If you don't know what it is about, walking into a room full of these strange creations can be confusing. Infinite Jest is an exhibition made up of everyday objects like clothes and cookies and is the work of artists Cinthia Marcelle, Rob Pruitt and William Mackrell. Compared to some of the pieces, the chocolate chip cookies set into a wooden wheel is probably the most normal there. Others, such as the Evian Fountain (Rob Pruitt) which, as you might have guessed, is a fountain made up of Evian boxes, are slightly more extreme. Wait...what am I saying? They're both pretty weird actually.

Thankfully there were explanatory leaflets on hand for the casual looker to seize. At least they gave you the appearance of somebody who knows what's going on. I went around with mine stuck to me like glue. My brothers and dad walked round in a more relaxed way, laughing at everything they saw. But, as dad put it, art is in the eye of the beholder, or was it art is what you make of it?

In gallery 1 there were two pieces put together by Cinthia Marcelle, Confronto (from the series Unus Mundus) which is a seven minute video displaying a group of fire jugglers on a zebra crossing who manage to get a few drivers very angry by not moving when the red light goes green, and Volta ao Mondo (Round the World (from the series Unus Mundus) another video, this time of Marcelle herself disrupting a roundabout with a crew of white vans which form a circuit and then leave. All very...interesting to watch. And even more interesting to read:

"In the chaos of things I find many of my propositions; what becomes mandatory is that, at a certain point, I gain distance and try to reorganize this disorder formally. This happens, for instance, in the aerial views from Unus Mundus (2004-05), in which the distance lets us see, down there, a new dimension of things, new circuits. Ideas emanate then from within a turmoil of possibilities from everyday life, in the movement of the bodies, in the appeal of ordinary materials, in intriguing spaces, in accumulation, in the possible magic of the work's world"  
Cinthia Marcelle (making a lot of sense)

The other work in gallery 1 is that of William Mackrell, 100 Candles, a photograph exhibiting a circle of tea light candles. The work is also shown in a video. Deux Chevaux, depicting two horses pulling a car. I ended up laughing at this one, there's something absurd about it that makes it instantly likable. Although the whole exhibition is rather absurd, though, maybe just to me as I'm not really familiar with the more, uh, flamboyant side of the art world. Anyway, more William Mackrell, 90 Minutes, which apparently involved teams wearing red and blue exhibited next to the sofas in the foyer (I say apparently because being unobservant, I didn't notice them) and a concrete ball, which I did notice.

Finally in gallery 1 was Rob Pruitt's Pop-Pop's Chocolate-Chip Cookies, made up of cookies and a framed cookie recipe. I really should have taken a picture of the recipe so I could try some out at home because they sounded quite good! In face, *just reading over the leaflet now*, you're encouraged to try the recipe. Damn.

I'm just going to focus on gallery 1 in this post because if I included gallery two this post might end up a few too words long. Okay, so in my opinion, if this exhibition wasn't free, I don't think I would pay the money to get me in to be perfectly honest. I'm sure many people find this sort of art intriguing and like to look into its hidden meanings, but I don't. On the contrary, I find this sort of work fun, it's good for a laugh, and you can stop and look and say 'I could have done that!' not to offend any of you readers. It just wasn't my cup of tea. But if any of you happen to be in Scotland and are interested in viewing the work of Cinthia Marcelle, Rob Pruitt and William Mackrell, it can be found at the DCA until the 26th of August. 

Sources: Infinite Jest exhibition guide

Miss B xxxx

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Today It Is Raining

So, today it is raining.

And this sort of thing tends to happen a lot in great Britain, especially in Scotland. I don't know about you, but it seems to me that if there was a weather god, or a comity of weather gods, they really don't like us much, or the poor sods out at T in the park this weekend. Like my cousin. Well, good luck to you all, don't drown or get stuck in the mud.

What I have been up to lately:

  • Baby sitting for my neighbor. Her kids are actually the most hilarious bunch I've ever met 
  • Walking (if you've checked out lacebirds lately you will know more about this than most) 
  • Trailing around town looking for a job...Okay so I've not actually had time to do this yet, but I will because I need money 
  • Blogging and complaining about my camera (lacebirds)  
  • Not tidying my room 
  • Wondering why the heck I called my second blog lacebirds 
  • Laughing at Murray because he's decided to make a runescape account. Oh dear.
And that's pretty much it, apart from trying out a healthier diet, which so far has actually been working! Yay! Maybe this will help with all the teenage skin problems...I hope, but I'm not banking on it. What a phrase. 

Anyhow, that's today's rant over for you guys, tune in tomorrow or whenever for some more! I leave you with a lovely picture of the rain I found on google images, there were loads that made the weather seem dramatic and wonderful, so I chose this, which says it how it is. Horrible.

Miss B xxxx

Friday, 6 July 2012

Andy Murray

I just want to post a congratulation to Andy Murray. You made it!!!! It's been coming a long time, now all you need to do is win Wimbledon! Though I do have some doubts as to whether you can do it, I really want you too (I'm just too pessimistic to go all in). I'm just listening to the TV, they're going over his last shot, which for those of you who don't know was pretty close. He's facing Rodger Federer next. Can't wait!

He's making history people! And apparently it's destiny? Haha, loving the Wimbledon commentary...

(Please win Andy!)

Miss B xxxx

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Thank bejeebus I'm home is what I'd really like to say to you all. I got back on Sunday at around 4.30, and I swear, I almost jumped out of the minibus and kissed the ground. Mainly because it was tarmac and not mud, or gravel. Don't get me wrong, I mean, I love the outdoors and I loved the whole expedition, but really, there are only so many days you can spend without a shower. For three days it was dry shampoo and wet wipes. Yeah, wet wipes - tesco value ones. And you wouldn't believe the number of midge bites I have. I am literally covered head to toe in them. And when I went swimming today at the local pool, you wouldn't believe how much the ones on my ankles stung. Let me tell you now, that smidge midge repellent does not work. No matter how many times it refers to its 'dastardly yet family friendly formula' it is utter rubbish. Either that, or midges love me so much they will go through anything to get a taste of my blood. The first suggestion seems slightly less disturbing, so I think I'm going to go with it. Midge repellent doesn't work. So, how do you avoid the midges? Don't go camping anywhere near water. No, scratch that, don't go camping in the Scottish highlands. Midges are vicious and attack in swarms. If you see one, there are more on the way. Run I tell you, run. Actually, come to think of it, everything - apart from the lack of showers and indoor plumbing and the insane amount of midges - day two was pretty darn good. Just discount the parts were I fell over in a bog and the point at which I literally went knee deep into a pile of stinking mud. Oh yeah, and the part where we went searching for the illusive 'Prince Charlie's Cave' which isn't actually a cave, but a pile of boulders with holes in them. Yeah. Okay, so maybe I sound a little very cynical. It's probably because I am. Don't let that fool you though, like I've said already, I had a great time. And you wouldn't believe the views, or how quiet it is (you literally can't hear a single note of traffic) and how wide and spacious everything seems without the endless rows of enclosing houses you find in suburbia. If you're afraid of midges, don't go, like I said, they are vicious, but if you aren't then take every opportunity you can to get out there and go camping, or just take a walk away from the rat race. The highlands are insanely beautiful in their own bleak and wild way. They really are.