Sunday, 25 September 2011

Looking At Other Blogs I Realise...

This blog really has a lot more work to be put into it. Compared to some longer established blogs, this blog is quite mediocre and...well I want to improve it, but I'm not sure how. Yes readers, this blogger doesn't know how to meddle with her blog background, or a lot of things, because to be honest I am not one of those 24 hour blogger types and I am not exactly a computer genius. Not saying I'm a technophobe though, I mean what teenager now a days from the western world doesn't know how to work a computer? 

What I think I'm trying to say folks is that this blog is down for big changes, I want to make it more visually punchy, more interesting and if any of you readers have any tips I would be happy to hear them! Thing is though, don't wait up for any changes to the blogs appearance because it's going to take some time for me to deliberate these things. But hey, it's a new challenge to take up and I love challenges (mainly because I am too competitive for my own good!)

So over and out for now, expect changes, but not too soon!
Wish me luck!

Miss B xxxx