Friday, 21 October 2011

Paranormal Activity 3

Recently I went to see Paranormal Activity three, the latest in the Paranormal Activity series, so I will do a quick review!

Well basically, its got a lot of the same scares and its filmed in the same way as before. If you've not seen Paranormal activity before then you should know they film it with a video camera to make it seem more realstic.

But this time there is an unexpected twist! But I wont spoil the surprise! Also this is the prequel to the second film...which is the prequel to the first. So if you've never seen them before, watch them backwards and they will make sense!

It includes a lot of tension and unexpected scares! So only for fans of scary movies! I would say its a lot scarier than the first two, and it has a lot more of a plot.

All together I would give this movie a four out of five!

Bobbie xxx