Thursday, 1 September 2011


In my spare time, I like to do sports with my friends. The stuff every normal teenage boy does, football, rugby, sometimes even hockey... and then there's Parkour.

I have been into Parkour for about a month, and now I'm able to do all sorts of cool moves, like wall running, which involves running at the wall, full speed, before kicking up and grabbing a ledge. Other things I can do include, being able to control impact shock when I jump off high objects, vaults, flips and so far that's it. But I'm working on my skills and improving every day. 

Here's a little info on Parkour... 
  • It's basically the discipline of being able to move from A to B by any means, like rolling, jumping, flipping, you name it. 
  • It originates from France 
  • Parkour and Free running are different things! 
  • The main elements of Parkour are efficiency and speed 
  • Anyone can do it, you just have to know where to start  
My friends doing Parkour 

They are soon to have a new and better video out