Friday, 2 September 2011

Things To Do In And Around Dikili

  • Visit the Tuesday market
  • Visit the summer market, on every night of the summer
  • Try the peaches, you won't regret it
  • Go to the beach, they aren't exactly clean, but the water is nice when it's a hot day
  • Drive through the mountains
  • Try ayran
  • Visit Ayvalikk
  • Go on a boat trip, you get ones that take you around to swim in different places, definately reckomended
  • Go to a spa, have a mud bath
  • Visit Candarli 
  • Visit Bergaman/Pergama/Pergamon 
  • Visit Asos
  • Have a barbecue! One of the highlights of my stay was definitely the barbecue that our family hosted 
  • Try talking to the locals, you might find out something interesting...providing you can understand what they're saying and vice versa 
  • Play Okay, a Turkish board game which is very popular in the cafe gardens 
And the rest is for you to make up, do what ever floats your metaphorical boat!