Friday, 2 December 2011

What To Wear and When!

Hello everyone! Well recently I got invited to a christening, and I had a really hard time picking what to wear! I thought a christening would be easy to dress for, a skirt and a top maybe? Maybe even just trousers and a top? But no. Apparently my skirt wasn't suitable for a church and jeans were too 'dressed down' , so I had to go dress shopping - not that I'm complaining.

So the point of this post is I'm going to give a few suggestions on what you could wear to special occasions, and since it's the festive season, you might get a chance to buy some of my suggestions..

  • Christening,
Well in my opinion for this event, is not to get too dressed up and dress simply, just remember there will be a minister, oh, and you're in a church..

  • School Disco
For this, I would wear something like the first dress below, something that's not too short, or low, and still looks nice. Remember you're at school, not a celebrity party! 

The dress here, is quite expensive being £45.00 and from an online shopping site, so if  a. you have no money/job like me or b. you just think that's too much too pay for a dress for a school disco, then I have put up a cheap alternative, which is just £ 7.99.

  • A Christmas Party
For this event, really, you can wear whatever you like, no rules! You dont have to worry about ministers, or your strict teachers!

The day we all look forward too! For presents, or good food! Now, there are various ways to spend this day so I will include a few alternatives! But if you decide to go out, make sure to wrap up warm! The first one is for staying in and relaxing with your family,

Whatever your occasion is, I hope this helps you find the perfect dress!

Bobbie x