Sunday, 10 June 2012

Glasgow School Of Art Degree Show 2012

Yesterday I went to the GSofA degree show, visiting the Skypark Campus and the Mackintosh Building. I previously emailed GSofA, enquiring about the painting and printmaking undergraduate course, which was a course I was positive I wanted to do. They got back to me straight away, suggesting for more ideas I visit the degree show that runs from Thursday 7th to Saturday 16th of June. Taking their advice I went along, first to the Skypark Campus.
It started off pretty badly, as the weather came in, bringing heavy rain, and my mother, grandmother and I couldn't find the right entrance! Eventually we managed to get in, after following a crowd of like-minded people, eager to try and get inside.

The first exhibition we went to see was the interior design unit, located in an odd series of rooms, complete with a disco ball and random sheets of see through material draped over the room. I'm sure the whole idea was to give the room some kind of vibe, but I just found it reaaally strange! In the centre of the room were two tables, lit by overhead lamps. On them were rows of project folders to look through. And although I'm sure the designs were all very innovative, I didn't find it at all interesting. Call me boring, but that disco ball was beyond distracting!

Next (still in the Skypark Campus) we trundled through to the jewellery and silversmithing displays. They were all...very kooky. But, thankfully, I found the displays more interesting than that of the interior design section. And, as a plus, no disco ball! Going round, my mum decided to fill my bag with contact cards from the student’s displays, and I thought that I would mention a few names, and favourites. are the details, if you want to get a bit more information about the displays.

Scarlett Cohen-French's display featured an intriguing display of rings, which if you want to check out, I believe can be found at www.cargocollective.come/scarlettfrench. Another student's card I picked up was that of Bao Rui (nice name) who had made necklaces of oxidised white metal, copper and cold enamel ( Another student, Dong Shutong, had a main feature piece of a silver and steel tea leaves brooch. And just a heads up here, is written either in Japanese or Chinese (since I don't speak either, I can't tell which one is which).

Then we were on to the textiles section, where I found a crazy gem of a display, by Chao Liu. The display was one of the best there; it was bright and fun, mikano based - something Lady Gaga would have been proud of. Go to if you want to find out more. Israil Parra-Zanabria's display was another eye-catching piece. It was made up of brightly coloured, boldly patterned fabrics, which I think were silk?

Eventually, we all drove off to the Mackintosh Building, which is a piece of art in itself really. I found myself; again, slightly distracted from the art, by the AMAZING library, which due to its age is only open to students once a week, no browsing allowed. Anyhow, before I go all misty eyed over the genius of Mackintosh, I should tell you about some of the things I saw displayed in the building. A picture that really caught my eye, mainly because of its weirdness, a shark flying through a dark green forest. This odd painting was the creation of Karen Grant, This, however, did not stay in my mind for long, because I found myself gazing at a couple of gigantuous paintings by Robin Everett, depicting lakes and mountains. Unsurprisingly, he was painting them both on and off over the course of the year. I don't think I could ever be brave enough to tackle canvases triple my size! Check them out at

And you know, the distressing thing is, I came away from it all completely and utterly confused. I thought I would go there and realise what it is I wanted to study, but all I know now is that I don't have a clue!

Miss B xxxx