Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Marching pictures


Today in the good old United Kingdom there was a strike, meaning I was off school for yet another day. Though instead of sitting around and doing nothing, my dad decided to take my brothers and I on a protest march. Yeah. It was all right though, and I actually enjoyed myself as a walked along the main road into Dundee waving my EIS flag. And sorry to disappoint, but it didn't turn violent at any point. In fact the whole protest was really organised, and set off promptly at 10.30 and were escorted the whole way by the police. As well as being organised, the turn out for the march was brilliant, and by the time we got to the town square there was barely any room to stand. All in all it was an enjoyable, if not slightly embarrassing experience, and it was all for an important cause. The pictures I took are on the next post :)

Miss B xxxx

I Paint

Last night is the reason I am posting today, because last night I couldn't sleep for hours...that, though is not the point. The point is what I did with those hours, and what I did was paint. Yep, and draw, that's what I did for...I don't know how long, but I think I managed to produce something semi decent which is why I'm blogging about it. The painting isn't brilliant and the pictures don't do much for it, but I'm pleased. Well here it is:

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

I Bake A Cake...Well, Sort Of

Don't you just hate it when you get those sudden, random urges to bake a cake? No? Maybe nobody else suffers from Random Cake Baking Syndrome (I made that up, just in case you were wondering) but I certainly do. Why is it when I see the cookery book sitting forlornly on a shelf I just have to pick it up and leaf through it? Of course the answer is RCBS!

So I decided to bake this chocolate and vanilla marble loaf, using one of the recipes from my mum's Mary Berry Simple Cakes book, and here I am an hour later with a cake that is moving! Yes that's right, the cake is MOVING! Probably because it's not cooked properly, but oh, how cruel baking is! I put the cake in for just the right amount of time that it was supposed to be cooked for, and yet it's wobbling around the place like it's decided it wants to be a jelly rather than a cake. Jeeeeesh! Why do these things always happen to me? So I'm going to put the cake back in the oven for...uh, lets say another 20 minutes, and I am going to sit tight with my fingers crossed...

Hey, I think that actually worked! The cake is no longer jiggling around the place, it's staying nice and firm the way a cake should, it looks quite nice actually, well, edible at least.

And the taste verdict is: really good!

Miss B xxxx

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Blog Appearance

Hey readers! What do you think of the blog's new appearance? Too pink? I must admit I had to sit for a while staring at the computer screen trying to decide whether it was a bit over done, but... I think it looks happy at least, and it feels a lot more personalised. Oh yes, if anybody has any thoughts concerning the blog's new look, just post them, and I will be happy to take them into consideration.

Miss B xxxx

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Purple Potatoes!

Yes people, I have eaten purple potatoes. Ian Fairlie purple potatoes if I'm not mistaken... hmmm.

Was it weird? Yes it was! You look at the things on your plate and your brain is going 'Woah! Hang on there just a minute, these can't be potatoes! They're purple!' and another part of you is going 'Well these smell like potatoes, they taste like potatoes...they must be potatoes'

So pretty much as I ate them there was a little conflict going on inside me as to whether I was actually eating roast potatoes or not. A truly weird experience. My verdict though is that they actually taste better than normal potatoes, once you get round the obvious difference in colour. They have a more...nutty kind of flavour and, well, they look pretty damn cool.

What my family thought... everyone liked them except one of my brothers, the food wise unadventurous one. But that's only because I told him eating purple potatoes was like eating play dough. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut.

Miss B xxxx