Saturday, 24 September 2011

My itunes Crashed!!!

Well, it didn't really, the hard drive of the computer housing my itunes did. And I lost every single song I had purchased online...or so I thought.

Yes, losing your itunes library seems like a huge deal but it actually isn't. Provided you can remember your itunes ID password (a problem for most people in my family) you can still save your songs! All you have to do is plug your ipod into another computer, preferably one with itunes already installed, and then you can transfer all your purchases .

Simple. Yet I still had a massive heart attack over the whole thing, though it wasn't just about my itunes, but about the stories I had written and saved on that computer and not backed up! I am currently in the process of re-writing these, painful yes, but I live in the hope that I can improve them while I write. So I guess the main lesson in this is to always back up your computer files.

Something I will definitely be doing in future...or rather now!

Miss B xxxx