About Us

Hey readers!
We thought we should probably tell you a thing or two about Miss B's Guide To Life and those who contribute to it. Though some contribute more than others...cough, cough.
As you know, this blog is basically a blog of everything. We post what we want and there are no set rules. Our posts range from diary style write ups to reviews and cake recipes. You can literally find anything and everything right here. We are always open to suggestions, so if you want to see something on the blog that we haven't posted about before, we'll do our best to come up with the goods (providing it isn't scandalously rude).
But for now, here's a guide to us...
I am the person who seems to post the most (that rhymes) on the blog (that doesn't). Although, there are a lot of old posts that claim to be written by Nadia...they weren't. We had a few technical issues when trying to update the blog to Google +. Never again. Right, what was my point...ah yes. I write posts about baking, music I like, reviews etc. I won't touch the fashion/make-up side of things because I am good with neither. Ok, I'm not completely hopeless but Nadia definitely makes a better job of it.
I co-created the blog with my friend (the other Miss B). We set up the Guide mainly because when we were younger, we created a blog, promptly forgot what it was called and never posted on it. The Guide is the better cared for version of that blog. It's gone through a few changes to say the least, but has always come out kicking and always will do...or so we hope.
I am your general all round middle aged teenager - make-up obsessed and a fashion crazed lunatic. Therefore my posts shall generally consist of things concerning make-up and fashion; my tiny teenage mind can not comprehend much more I'm afraid and for this I do apologise. Ciao.
I mainly blog (if at all) about parkour and classical music. Umm. Yeah.
I also blog about parkour...but don't touch classical music. I've also blogged about snowboarding and will write up more winter sport posts when the new season begins.