Friday, 23 September 2011


Hello again,

Well today I'm going to have a small ramble about Italy!! I recently went on holiday there, well I say recently but in all honest truth I went in May, which is fairly recent I guess, depending on when you consider recent... anyway, back to the point.

Italy was amazing, I went on a school trip and in total it took us roughly about 36 - 38 hours to travel there by coach, I cant exactly remember how long to be honest. Im not entirely the most observant person. But the bus journey was fun anyways, as you can imagine the idea of thirty, fifteen year old friends in a bus together for almost two days, with nothing to do, but amuse ourselves, was...intresting to say the least.

On our way there we had to take the ferry, and oh dear, is the only words I have to describe my traumatic experience. Well we got on and I was terrified consdering it was my first time on a boat and the only thing running through my head was the Titanic, not the best thing to be watching the night before a boat trip. But to make matters worse the sea was having what can only be described as a temper tantrum. You couldnt walk in a straight line without the boat tipping resulting in the passengers staggering halfway across the ship. But I lived to tell the tale! In the morning we arrived in Switzerland (after having the most uncomfortable sleep of my life all the way through France,) you know you're in Switzerland when you look out of the window and all you see is trees, hills and um...trees.

Well eventuallyyyyy we arrived in Italy and wow. WOW. I want to live there! We arrived at our hotel, not the nicest but its a school trip, what can you expect? Oh and did I mention it was on the beach? Blue skies, white sands, life was looking good. But guess what? It gets better! The next day we visited a catering school, and the boys can only be described in one word... HOT. Never in my life before have I seen boys like that, to add to their looks they were the most charming people I have ever met, oh and did I mention kissing is a custom in their culture (wink, wink.)

The cherry on the cake though was visting Venice and Disneyland Paris, (I guess that would be two cherries on a cake then...) each was fantastic in their own different ways Venice was aboslutely beautiful, the buildings were amazing and the weather was just fanstastic, I saw so many new things that day! One of them being a nun, I've never seen a nun before! Also I have never seen so many pigeons in one place, or so many with just one foot! But it was the busiest place I have ever been to and I realised I do not posess any haggling skills...
Disneyland Paris was just as amazing, I felt like a little girl again when I saw the big pink castle, unfortunatly we only got the one day there, but we got to see some things! The rides I would most recommed are The Space Shuttle, The Hollywood Tower of Terror and also The Rock and Roller Coaster, these rides are not for the faint hearted though, let me assure you. They're quiet intense, but as a fan of rollercoasters I loved them!

I <3 Italy!

Ciao for now!

Bobbie xxx