Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Tranquil Place

I know for a fact that most people will travel far and wide to find that perfect, ideal and tranquil spot of undeniable natural beauty. I also know that it isn't always necessary to go to such lengths to find 'the spot' and in doing so you may miss something right on your doorstep.

Being an inhabitant of a small, fairly average country town, I don't really find it hard to get to these places, though that doesn't mean it's hard for somebody who lives in a city like London for example, because there are lots of hidden gems about the place, you just have to find them. As I said before, I don't really find it hard to get to these spots but there are very few which really grab my attention. One such place that does grab me I visited just yesterday with my family and friends, and it was pretty perfect due to the good weather.

'The spot' is a little jetty (recently done up) that juts out slightly into a wide lake, owned I believe by the local fishing club. And let me tell you, it was gorgeous. The sun was casting light on the water which was unbelievably clear, gem blue dragonflies were darting in and out of the reed beds, the occasional fish leaped out of the water now and again, and swifts dive bombed for insects.

Places like these aren't just good for looking at, they can be great places to inspire you in areas like art or writing, or maybe to you they are just quiet get aways when you need time to think. Either way readers, I think its time you guys and gals, start checking out your local area to find your perfect chilaxing spot, because trust me when I say it is worth it.