Thursday, 29 September 2011

Nose Bleed Attack

Following on from Bobbie's post, I thought I would talk about the massive nosebleed she recently had, (it follows on from the post because she had it just after dancing.)

When Bobbie has a nosebleed, she has a nosebleed. By this I mean, its not just a pathetic little trickle of blood, oh no, its the Niagara Falls of nosebleeds! So by the time she got back to her house, her hands were covered in blood. Lovely. But I have to say, the first time I was with her when she had a nosebleed was the worst because    we had to run into the Co-op and ask for tissues. Or, I did at any rate. And everybody just stood there looking at us, like yeah whatever, she could be dying for all we care.

So for all you nose bleed sufferers out there, I thought I would post some interesting information about nosebleeds... 

  • There are two types of nosebleed, anterior and posterior 
  • Anterior nosebleeds can be caused by colds or the flu, blowing your nose too hard, hay fever, a dry nose, sinusitis, injury to the nose, and good old fashion nose picking 
  • Posterior nosebleeds can be caused by nasal surgery, high blood pressure, nasal tumours, some kinds of medicines like aspirins  
So how do you stop a nosebleed when it starts? Here are a few suggestions 

  • Pinch your nose shut just above the nostrils 
  • Don't lie down... I'm not sure why you would anyway because then the blood starts going down the back of your throat! Cheery stuff! 
  • Put ice on the bridge of your nose, or frozen peas - the family preference 
  • Whatever you do, don't blow your nose!  
Miss B xxxx