Saturday, 5 November 2011

Purple Potatoes!

Yes people, I have eaten purple potatoes. Ian Fairlie purple potatoes if I'm not mistaken... hmmm.

Was it weird? Yes it was! You look at the things on your plate and your brain is going 'Woah! Hang on there just a minute, these can't be potatoes! They're purple!' and another part of you is going 'Well these smell like potatoes, they taste like potatoes...they must be potatoes'

So pretty much as I ate them there was a little conflict going on inside me as to whether I was actually eating roast potatoes or not. A truly weird experience. My verdict though is that they actually taste better than normal potatoes, once you get round the obvious difference in colour. They have a more...nutty kind of flavour and, well, they look pretty damn cool.

What my family thought... everyone liked them except one of my brothers, the food wise unadventurous one. But that's only because I told him eating purple potatoes was like eating play dough. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut.

Miss B xxxx