Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Charity Garage Sale

There we were, outside our garage, my brother, big sister and two friends. My brother and I had just set up the garage sale and made a very desperate sign saying 'Garage Sale, we need to reach a goal of one hundred pounds' It caused a lot of attention as people drove by and read it, but when they noticed our stall, they simply smiled and drove on. It was really annoying because none of them actually took the time to stop and buy anything. Cursing them in my head, 'smiling can't save dying people in Africa!'
A few hours later one or two people had stopped and bought a few things, although it took almost five hours to get a big crowd gathering round our stall, it was worth it because in one day we had raised over seventy pounds. The next day my brother and I re-opened the stall and exactly the same thing happened. By the end of the day we were thoroughly sunburned but grinning from ear to ear, we had raised over one hundred and twenty pounds. Counting the money everyone was thinking the same thing, that it was enough for us all to buy and few nice gizmos, but we didn't...Instead we gave the money to charity and I believe that was the right thing to do because it makes you feel good about yourself and you know you are going to change people's lives with money that could have needlessly been spent on ourselves.

Written by Anon.
Edited by Miss B