Thursday, 22 September 2011

When I Was Joe

 Last night I finished reading a book by Keren David called When I Was Joe, and to my surprise I found it extremely gripping, I honestly couldn't put it down, and ended up falling asleep at about two in the morning on a school night. 

My first impression of the book: I have to admit judged the cover. From the outset the book didn't really do much to grab my attention, but when I turned it over to read the blurb I was intrigued. 

But enough about me, more about Joe, or should I say Tyler. The London boy is forced away from his home above a news agents along with his mother as part of a witness protection program after he witnesses a drug related stabbing. Tyler then becomes Joe, a boy who has an 'instant crew' a boy who can have any girl he wants, a boy who isn't Tyler. Through out the book, Tyler discovers new things about the people around him, and discovers dark secrets; all the while people are searching for him, the people who want to silence him permanently. It is a book that draws you into Tyler's life, a book full of unexpected twists. 

My overall opinion: One of the best books I've read! Can't wait to read the sequel Almost True 

Miss B xxxx