Monday, 29 August 2011

Final Destination 5

This film has the same basic plot as the rest of them, someone has a vision of an accident, they get the chance to save themselves and their friends. Then they all die one by one.
Really this film is just grim. 

I went to watch Final Destination last Saturday and I seriously wish I had seen something else. The deaths are very graphic, so if you see it in 3D I guarantee you will be splattered with animated blood at some point.
One girl is killed during a freak laser eye surgery accident, while another has his head crushed by a Buddah statue, but not before he has fallen onto his acupuncture.

If I'm honest only people into horror films full of blood and guts will enjoy this. You can't watch it for its plot line, as it is the same as all the rest, but if you're watching it for the spectacular death scenes, you my friend are in for a treat.