Sunday, 22 July 2012

Fright Night! aka The Blair Witch Project Review (and Tangled)

So, once again the two Miss Bs have met up and combined our awesomeness, and decided to celebrate with a movie marathon(ish) of Tangled and The Blair Witch Project. Not the most obvious combination but that's just how we roll.

We began with Tangled which can be described as "the cutest movie I've ever seen!". I'd already seen it so I was prepared for this onslaught of adorable animation, but that didn't detract from my enjoyment! The fact is, Tangled is worthy of being put among the classic Disney films: it's funny, surprising (I won't ruin the surprising moment for any of you who haven't seen it, but let's just say we did not expect that from a Disney film!), with great characters (the chameleon and the horse make the film. 'Nuff said) and a kickass song score. Highly recommended to all people, everywhere!


Next we moved to on the Blair Witch Project (it was dark by then - a more suitable setting) and we were fully ready to be scared out of our wits... fortunately for us this never really came to pass. Sure, the 'scary' parts were quite unnerving, but that was purely down to the combination of lack of light and an overload of screaming. The story itself took a long time to actually come to a head, due to the documentary style, and we ended up just spending a lot of the time discussing the stupidity of the three 'film-makers'. The ending was left too vague for our tastes, and it could only be considered particularly creepy if you remembered a minor detail from the beginning of the movie (which *ahem* one of us didn't). We were left slightly disappointed since we'd known from the beginning everyone was going to die, but we were hoping to find out why. The movie would be well suited to those who have a large fear of the unknown, but it just didn't hit the spot with us.

The freakiest bit was when she was crying - snot EVERYWHERE. Gross.

Now, I must apologise if any of this post seems grammatically or otherwise incorrect, but it's late and I'm basically just word-vomiting all over this. And with that pleasant imagery I take my leave of you.

xoxo Miss B