Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My Opinion On Thomas Cook Flights To Ismir

Maybe it's unfair to be so judgemental when you've only flown with an airline once, so I appologise before hand if I offend anyone.

My flight out to Ismir, Turkey, was in a Boeing owned by the company Thomas Cook, possibly because of my lack of sleep, due to the fact I had gone through a four hour car journey to Newcastle before hand, I was not exactly in a good mood.

During the flight to Ismir, the airline company had no faults, apart from the very dodgy landing and the uncomfortable seats. Even the flight food was pretty good. No, hardly anything was the company's fault; rather it was the fault of the annoying child sitting behind me continuously kicking the back of my seat. I also discovered before I had actually boarded the plane that they had misspelt my name and put me down as a Mr, not that it particularly annoyed me, I actually found that incident quite funny. The way back how ever was a different kettle of fish.

The flight was delayed by roughly an hour and a half, which I overheard one of the more regular customers of Thomas Cook seemed to happen regularly. They also managed to confuse our food orders which had been perfect the last time, instead of having regular meals and a nut free one we ended up having to eat vegetarian meals. There were no nut free meals, which would be quite a major inconvenience for someone who was seriously allergic to nuts. The cabin crew were very appologetic about the whole thing so it was hard to be angry. Appart from the food mix up I did actually quite enjoy the flight