Thursday, 2 August 2012

House of Wax, Silent Hill and Mirrors...

Hi guys! Sorry another movie review, I know we have been doing tons, but I'm a movie addict, what can I say? I will keep this short and sweet for those of you who are bored with us rambiling on with our movies and dont worry because we have a band review coming up so look out for that :)

Okay so I will go by order of what theyre in from the title, starting with argureably the goriest, House of Wax. Keeping this brief, I was truely freaked out. I dont really think you need an explanation incase you cant put two and two together I will give you a clue; gory deaths + wax = House of Wax.
If you liked being disgusted then this one is for you, if not then i suggest you stay clear, I liked it I guess because it had a plot but honestly I wouldnt watch it again too creepy for me, I would give this a 4* out of 5 for those who like scary movies!

Next is Silent Hill well this had a really good plot actually! Bit confusing at first but yeah still a good plot! It was a creepy film but the kind that I like because you can think
'This would only happen in the movies basically its about witchcraft and has some ghouls and monsters but not all that terryfying, I jumped at a few bits but its honestly not all that scary! All in all, I liked it and think that people who dont like scary movies and lovers alike can also enjoy this, 4*'s.

Ohhh on to Mirrors now, this is the one I saw most recently, it was quite gruesome made my friends feel sick at one point (I was too scared to watch so I felt perfectly fine) it was also quite freaky, I wasnt able to look in a mirror for a few hours which is a big deal for me. It had some fantastic quite well known actors in it and a great plot, really worth a look! Again I would say 4*'s but a freaky ending and certainly the scariest!

Okay guys, I'm done scary movie blogging for the moment so until next time...

Bobbie :) x