Friday, 1 June 2012

I Actually Keep A Promise!

Okay, what is with the insults, may I just ask? Memory like a goldfish? Puleaaaaase! I remembered to finally put these up didn't I? Also, everyone else at the gig was wearing jeans, what's wrong with that? And nobody can out sly me! Ummm, okay, so I didn't get an autograph from Kassidy. I did actually see them outside of the gig, and was going to get an autograph, but yeah...well my chauffeur (dad) wanted to drive us home so he could sleep. Yeah, I missed out on an autograph because of my dad...ummm chauffeur. 

Anyhow, rambling aside, here is the second in the series of apple drawings I promised to you readers so long ago...
Sorry about the blurry picture! And by the way, it may not look it, but this is my attempt at drawing a mouldy and bruised apple. It ended up just looking wrinkly and dented and somewhat pumpkin like. Sorry about that
Miss B xxxx