Saturday, 2 June 2012

More Art

Now I present to you my Achilles heel. Hands. Well, my hands in particular. I had a fine old time trying to get these two right. The second is a sketch/rough idea, so it's allowed to look rubbishy. In the first one, my hand turned out looking fairly hand like (just sticking an imaginary gold star to my top) and I think the watercolour gives it a bit of depth. At first I thought I'd ruined it with the watercolours, but then I realised all I had to do was keep on building up layers of colour and eventually I got the perfect skin tone.

 The apple, however, went wrong. I was so focussed on making it look mouldy and shiz, that I forgot to make it look round. But thankfully I managed to perfect everything for my art exam. By the way, the reason I was drawing mouldy apples is because we had to have a theme for our drawings, so I, being the cheery sort chose decay!

Hope you enjoy these two as much as I enjoyed creating them...which after a few frustrated attempts, was quite a lot.

Miss B xxxx