Thursday, 31 May 2012

Kassidy review, numero uhh...two.

Hi everyone,

I'm going to blog about Kassidy, even though Miss B has already done it I'm feeling unoriginal and she has a memory like a goldfish, so I'm going to expand her ideas and correct her errors.

Well basically I received a phone call many, many nights ago now. It was Miss B she was muttering on about some band called Kassidy and in my daze of thinking about the hunger games (yes I'm obsessed, any other obsessed readers? No?) I agreed to something I thought I would come to regret but didn’t! This, unsurprisingly enough was Kassidy's gig in the Perth Concert Hall.

My first dilemma was, 'What was I going to wear?' well let me tell you this was not an easy choice. I've been to a gig before and dear lord was I under dressed. What did I show up in? Jeans, flat shoes and a t-shirt. What did everyone else show up in? 9" heels, tiny dresses and... little else. So you can understand my concern. In the end I opted for an in-between look, not to casual and not to dressy, I wore leggings and a floaty top (one of Miss B's errors as I was not wearing jeans).

We arrived to the sight of a few hardcore leather clad guys swaggering down the street looking rather warm in their attire, considering it was 20 something degrees (many people in Scotland consider this the kind of weather to wander around practically naked, resembling a lobster) so when we saw them we felt slightly worried for their sanity. But not to worry! We found out later that it was part of their 'look' for the band as they were one of Kassidy's supporting acts called The Blindfolds ( - their facebook page) I don’t normally like their kind of music but after they had performed Miss B and I both agreed they were an extremely good exception to our usual genre. Kassidy also had another amazing support act called Jamie and his friend Shaun, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere! Anyway they were truly amazing!

But drum roll please... (Imaginary drum roll sounds in head) for the headline act KASSIDY! ( - official website) After a longgggg interval filled with endless Adele songs to which Miss B and I were slightly confused considering Adele had nothing to do with the concert, but yes after this we were feeling rather dubious as to whether Kassidy could live up to their headline acts. When all of a sudden, the lights went down and on swaggered the band themselves. Followed closely by cheering. After a little introduction they were off! And wow. Seriously, wow. They were good! They were incredible! (Even though I was temporarily blinded by a series of strobe lights and momentarily fearing for my health and wondering if it was possible to suddenly develop epilepsy.) They played many, many rather amazing songs and any doubt I had about them living up to their supporting acts vanished. They were so fantastic I wish I could go see them again. But, unfortunately it was a one-night thing and in the morning they were on the road again.

All in all I'm thankful (for once) about my Hunger Games obsession because without it dragging me into the black abyss of my imagination and creating all to frequent daydreams I would never have witnessed this act of sheer musical gold. Basically what I'm trying to say is, watch out because this wont be the last you hear of Kassidy.

Bobbie x