Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Weird But True

This is one I found in the Ripley's Believe It Or Not book... this one's for you Ripley!

The Road Kill Calendar. Yes you read that right, its not just the computer screen ruining your eyesight. I did in fact type The Road Kill Calendar and yes it is real. Founded by a legendary and mysterious man known only as Kevin Beresford, the calendar started off life as a simple creation for 2010 that soon became a huge hit. Beresford sold hundreds of copies of his freaky calendar which featured many a squashed fox and brained squirrel, complete with witty captions for the gruesome pictures.

To me, its not really the fact that this guy goes out snapping pics of dead animals to compile into a calendar that I find ever so slightly disturbing, its the fact that so many people went out and bought the thing. I mean, what does this say about the world?!

P.S Not quite sure why the sheep is blanked, but hey what can you do?