Tuesday, 26 July 2011

How To Host An Awesome Sleepover

  • Try having a themed night, you could have a really silly theme like Marvel superheroes or a simple theme like chocolate. Get your guests to bring in a few items to do with the theme, like maybe a themed duvet cover or an outfit.

  • Make sure you know if people are actually going to turn up. The worst thing that can happen at a sleepover is if the guests do a no show!

  • Think of something you can use to entertain your guests, for example a few boardgames or DVD's. My personal favourite is Quelf Antics (Google it), a ridiculously silly party game which is brilliant for making your mates look like fools.

  • Be a good host! Don't put all your attention on to one person! As the hippies would slur 'share the love man!' Its also a good idea to make sure your guests have somewhere comfy to sleep and know exactly where the bathroom is.

  • Pamper your guests. Try giving them a homemade facial (there will be a recipe for that on the blog soon) or a makeover and make sure you have plenty of food for your mates, including stuff for snacks and midnight feast.

  • Last but not least have fun!