Tuesday, 26 July 2011

This Week's Epic Fail

As a treat for you readers, and since this is this blog's first ever Epic Fail post, I'm giving you two epic fails! Its like a bargain boutique buy, two for the price of one! 

  1. Cutting your leg, a bmx trick stunt known as a bunny hop and falling off your bike. Two days ago my brother managed all three after attempting to impress his friends with a bike trick. He preformed the whole thing reasonably well until, somehow, on landing his foot slipped off the pedal. Because his bike lacked the essential chain and chain guard (due to some tinkering in the garage a few months ago) he managed to puncture a bullet shaped hole in his leg. Nice. As a result he was promptly taken to A&E, head filled with the horror of stitches and tetanus shots. He returned with a few butterfly stitches, a plaster and a well done sticker. 
  2. Just today my other brother committed our second epic fail. Now answer me this, how many people go to a public swimming pool in a year? A fair few I would say, so it can't be particularly hard right? You go, you swim, you leave. Simples, as the saying goes. Or not, if, as my brother did, you somehow manage to lose the key to your locker, somewhere in the deep end of the plunge pool, and then find some poor employee to try and open it for you with numerous 'spare keys' aka previous epic fails, for 5 minutes before finally admitting defeat and finding a janitor to prise the locker door from it's hinges using a very impressive looking hammer. Something tells me that we won't be welcomed back at that pool anytime soon...