Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Kony 2012

Hello people of the world! Yes, I know it’s a bit of a cheesy opening line but for this post I really am trying to communicate to everyone in the world.

Joseph Kony, who is he I hear you ask; well I was wondering the same thing as I scrolled down my news feed on facebook. The latest pop star? Some new youtube sensation? Well all my questions were about to be answered when I happened upon a 30-minute video. This video disgusted, astounded and inspired me. I know you're probably thinking that you've got much better things to do in 30 minutes than watch a video online, but before you discard the idea please at least, read the rest of this post.

Now I'm sure you are all wondering who Joseph Kony is and I'm about to answer this question, Joseph Kony is a 48-year-old Ugandan man, quite ordinary you may think? Well he is also the head of the LRA (Lords Resistance Army) and one of the world’s worst war criminals. He is responsible for the abduction of children into his group the LRA. The girls are turned into sex slaves and the boys soldiers. He forces them to mutilate people and worst of all, kill their own parents. You may now be thinking, why do I have to bother? This must only be a few children a year, 50 maximum? No. This is over 30,000 children.

I'm guessing you're thinking how can I help? I'm miles and miles away. That’s what I thought at the start of the video. But some brave and inspirational people have set up a group called the 'Invisible Children Kony 2012.' They set up this project many years ago, but this year is when their mission has really expanded. This is the year they are determined to STOP Kony, to capture him. After hundreds of supports wrote to the US government asking them to help the Ugandan people eventually 100 soldiers were sent to Uganda to help track him down and stop him. But this could all fall to ruin if the troops are pulled out of Uganda. To do this we have to raise awareness and get as many celebrities and Government Officials to promote this project as we can! We have to stop the government withdrawing the soldiers! Also we have to make Joseph Kony a household name. Make him famous, not to support him but to stop him.

Here's the video folks!

                                           This is Joseph Kony:


2012: The year Joseph Kony is stopped.