Tuesday, 27 March 2012

One Big LOL

Hey readers, the two miss b's have gone their separate ways - without baking a cake!!!!! Sorry about that, I will make sure to bake one on Saturday and dedicate it to the other miss b, and post the recipe as well if you like.

Anyway, that news as you may have guessed is not one big lol. Oh no. Haha!

Yesterday my music teacher was helping us go over past papers in class as preparation for our up and coming exams (squeal of fear) and she ended up going off on a bit of a tangent. This tangent was about the terrible experience she had had with minimalist music. As she told it, she went to a lecture and had to sit through twenty minutes of Steve Reich's much acclaimed piece Come Out...or whatever it's called. It's pretty much twenty minutes of this one phrase 'come out to show them.'

Then she got onto the subject of a dance that was put together to go with the music (if you can really call it that) and I thought the way she described it was pretty funny, so I went and had a look on youtube. All I can say is omg.