Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What I Did In Maths

I have some bad and good news for you readers...the bad news is that I didn't get a ticket to go and see the Dalai Lama, the good news, the person who did is my friend so I'm roping him in to film it for me hehe. That'll be around summer time so, watch this space!

Also, for your pleasure, I thought I would post what I did in maths today! Don't worry; it's not trigonometry or anything! I spent most of maths day dreaming and doodling since my normal maths teacher wasn't there and the sub wasn't paying the slightest bit of attention :)
Oh, and keeping on the art theme, by Saturday I should have another painting completed so I'll post a picture of that on the blog for you guys.

Can't Be Caged! Doodle

And before I forget, there's three book reviews coming up!

Miss B xxxx