Monday, 20 February 2012

Coming Soon!

Hey, I just thought I would give you readers a heads up on what will be appearing on the blog in the near future. I am planning to put up more of my artwork (when I find my sketchbook of course), two book reviews as I have recently ordered The Woman In Black and another book called Divergent...I think. Anyhow those books should be arriving in a day or two and then I can start reading and reviewing. I also thought I might post a few tips on how to revise for exams and such, as I myself am about to undergo the dreaded exams, so yeah, I just thought it would be an on point thing to do. Ahhh yes, I almost forgot, I will be trying to post more reviews on up and coming artists, as my post on H.J Lim has proved popular. So watch this spot! 

Miss B xxxx