Sunday, 19 February 2012

Three New Paintings

 I know on my last post I said that I would have more arty things for you; it's been a long time coming, but here's three new paintings I have recently completed. You're probably wondering why there isn't any more and the truth is...well I lost my sketchbook! I know! Well, sorry about the wait, but I hope you enjoy these new paintings, which I guess aren't anything spectacular. Who cares though, I had fun painting them and trying out new techniques with Field Flowers and Birds, and with A Stormy Day At The Beach I had a go with acrylics which didn't quite go to plan... The painting I think I'm happiest with is A Stormy Day At The Beach because I managed to save it from near disaster, who knew acrylics could be so evil??? I would definitely use them again though as they do produce some interesting results!

Miss B xxxx

Field Flowers (abstract) in water colour
Birds in water colour
A Stormy Day At The Beach in acrylics