Friday, 20 July 2012

Ice Age 4 and The Amazing Spiderman

Hello readers, well I've not blogged in a while but considering one of the Miss B's is currently on holiday I'm thinking that not a lot of blogging will be done so I decided that it would be my duty to keep you guys up to date on whats going on with us.

Well currently I have just read Miss B's post on The Amazing Spiderman and I would just like to say that she has written the biggest load of dribble, that, I, personally, have ever seen in my life.

I found that The Amazing Spiderman was good! It made me forget my Hunger Games obssesion for a while at least, which if you know me, is a MAJOR accomplishment and one to be treasured. I found it to be very funny and I feel that it captured the awkwardness of teenage romance well, although some bits made me cringe, but hey, its all part of the awkwardness of teenage romance that I'm talking about, right? I also felt it gave you a deeper insight into the background of Peter (Spiderman to those who arent as obsessed *ahem* clued up.) It was packed with action scenes and if you had the brains (a.k.a I did, Miss B didnt) to stay past the end credits there was a little clip and let me tell you it left me in great suspense, so I'm thinking there may be an Even More Amazing Spiderman movie appearing on the big screen sometime next year?

But who knows, the actors could just go all diva on us like they so often do after a succesful film and refuse to get into a lycra suit such as spidermans. All in all it was a good film and if it was up to me I would give it 4 stars :)

Trailer -

I also went to see Ice Age 4, which I was dreading. My sister got to choose the movie and considering shes only 10, it was a valid choice.

But I found myself enjoying it! I thought it was funny and would appeal to all ages, dont be put off by the cartoon, 3 year old entertainment vibe the trailer gives its actually a very good movie! With brilliant actors and many familiar faces such:

Peaches - Keke Palmer (Starred in True Jackson VP)
Captain Gut - Peter Dinklage (Starred in Game of Thrones)
Ethan - Drake (You need no introduction...)
Shira - Jennifer Lopez (If you dont know who she is, then I only have one question; where have you been?)
Steffie - Nicki Minaj (Yeah! I was surprised to, shes actually a good actress and I couldnt even tell it was her, crazy huh?)

Again I would give Ice Age 4 four stars :)

Trailer -

All in all, if you have a choice to make I would say go for The Amazing Spiderman if you want more of an action, emotion, romantic movie and Ice Age 4 if you want something funny!

Bobbie x