Wednesday, 10 April 2013

PYO Annual Concert Review

PYO did a fantastic job at their annual concert on Sunday 7th. The soloists were especially impressive. Merran Kay, a cellist, who has been a member of the orchestra for four years, performed Kol Nedrei (Max Bruch) meaning “All Vows” which begins with a melancholy chant and concludes with a more radiant second theme. Her rendition of the piece conveyed the emotion within the themes and displayed her technical ability.

In contrast was Magnus Pickering’s rendition of Alexander Aruturian’s trumpet concerto in A flat major. This piece was bold and uplifting, not to mention excellently performed. This is not surprising considering Magnus is the current recipient of Scotland's Junior Conservatoire’s Gilbert Innes Prizes for Brass.

The soloist received the Eoin Bennet award and glass medallions as a reminder of their performances with the orchestra. Their names will also be entered in a bound scroll of past soloists.

Both Merran and Magnus did well to conquer their nerves and share their talent with the audience and of course, this could not have been done without the accompaniment of the rest of PYO. Not only did the orchestra accompany the solo performances, they also put on a good show of their own in playing pieces such as the opening score Crown Imperial (William Walton). PYO also performed two further works; St Paul’s Suite (Gustav Holst) and Symphony No.2 in B minor (Alexander Borodin).

PYO was lead through these works by Euan Holmes, 1st violin, who has been a member of the orchestra since 2009. The orchestra was conducted by an ever enthusiastic Allan Young who never fails to entertain at concerts. Mr Young brought the concert to a foot stomping close with the encore piece Lord of the dance much to the delight of the audience and members of PYO alike.