Friday, 5 April 2013

First Backflip

This is a video of the first time I've ever done a backflip. It was a pretty scary experience but the thrill was definitely worth it. I want to become a pro snowboarder and this is my first season on proper snow up in Glenshee. I've had lessons to start me off, just for the basics and now I'm able to go down black runs (expert level of difficulty). This backflip may not seem like much but for me it's the start of everything. I've sent emails to lots of different sports brands i.e. redbull, bawbags and DC and their answers have all been the same. I have to improve and this is the beginning of that improvement. I hope to meet their standards in a few years (I'm only young so I've got a bit of time) and eventually get a job in British Columbia. It may seem ambitious but I think I can do it! Here's my video - it's pretty short, only a few seconds in fact. I'll be posting more videos in the near future and updating everyone on my progress. Thanks for reading this.