Monday, 18 February 2013

Old Photos!

I've just found a few photos from last summer, the time of the London Olympics. Yes, I was there in London with a really bad camera, and these are a few photos people in my family took. That was a good summer, not just because of the Olympics (to be honest, I didn't really watch much of it, but we did manage to catch the tail end of the women's marathon). It was a good summer because I got to spend time with my cousins in London and Ciara in Dover. Fun times!

I'm not sure that this summer is set up to be as good, but we'll see how it turns out. I've got to get through my Highers first! So far R.E is looking pretty good...I'm not sure about the rest, but I'm determined to get three A's and a B. It seems like a lot (it really does) and that's what I need to achieve if I want to get into the Uni course of my choice! I think self belief goes a long way, so if I think positively and work hard I can get the results I need. If I don''s important to have a plan B.

I'll see if I can fish out a few more photos from last summer to post for you guys tomorrow (or the day after depending on when I next decide to use the computer). If you have any suggestions for reviews or whatever please feel free to email me at

I can't wait until winter is over!