Saturday, 7 September 2013

Tips For Aspiring Journalists

These are the things I've been told. I hope they come in handy for all you other aspiring journalists out there! :)

  • Date all your reporter pads and when you're finished with them and keep them for at least 7 years. This way, if you scoop a story that causes some controversy, you have all the evidence you need to back yourself up.

  • Always write and always take photographs. It doesn't matter what it's about as long as you're improving all the time and showing that you're keen.

  • Get some work experience! This is an important one for getting you in to journalistic university and college courses. Local papers are always ready to lend a helping hand as long as you show you're keen!

  • When writing up press releases and stories, put the most important information in the first five paragraphs of the article - this way, when it gets sent off to the editors important details won't get cut out.

  • The most important information regarding an event is usually when, where and who.

  • Always make sure you read over your articles and correct any mistakes. Although stories do get sent to editors, they can miss your mistakes so it's better to correct them yourself.  

  • When interviewing people always make sure you tell them who you are and what you're going to be using the information for. Make it clear that you are interviewing them and that what they say will be going in to an article.

  • Keep yourself up to date with current affairs by watching the news or reading the papers

I hope you find all of this useful!